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I have to agree with JF, Mary (thank you for your service, Mary), and Paul from Florida. I do believe we are looking at the beginning of the end of our "special relationship." The more Britain becomes integrated with the EU, and the more Americans long for isolation, the more strained our relationship will become. Appointments such as M. Brown and Milliband will hasten the end along. I think Americans will always be fond of the British, whether the British return that affection or not, but I think our governments must keep up with an ever-changing world and we will find it necessary to go our separate ways.

Joe Papp

I for one, have not forgotten the 2000 Polish Army officers that England turned over to Stalin...to be SLAUGHTERED at the end of WWII.

I have also not forgotten the SNOTS at Oxford having an open forum debate with Jerry Fawell in the 1980's. At that time my attitude towards England changed from being "supportive and they are an ally" to "LET THE RUSSIANS CRUSH THEM!".

I have since learned all about the Nevielle Chamberlain/Joe Kennedy axis supporting the "Axis" prior to 1939.

The more I learn about England's desire to "not exist" because of their own INABILITY TO FIGHT FOR THEIR EXISTANCE and their CORRUPT UNDERSTANDING OF THE REAL WORLD. The less sympathetic I become. Think of it this way, at least the Jihadist won't fool around with "re-education camps" or "concentration camps". They will just ritually "purify" England of the infidels. It will be OVER QUICKLY!


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