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Your last paragraph, particularly regarding Howard Dean's funding is bang on the money. Let's hope it happens in the UK.

Sam McG

The culture of cynicism and mistrust (which is fostered by politicians) is so high here; I can't understand why anyone would give £10 to a political party. It's £10 wasted, when you could give it to a cancer charity or something more deserving.


I don't get the shift in power. I see rather that there is his shift in communication and a shift in *means* of communication. In a way the fact that more people have the ability to communicate differently gives them some more power, as the can more easily have a say, but really this is about influence rather than real power.

Politics 2.0 means politicians have to talk *and* listen, but it also makes it easier for more people to talk to them and have a say.

Mary Fernandez

And what was the last election Joe Trippi won? Edward Kennedy, Walter Mondale, Gary Hart, Dick Gephardt, Howard Dean and, now, John Edwards. Losers all. (I have a better record - Reagan '84, Clinton '96 and Bush '04 - Notice I wasn't prescient enough to pick them the first time around?)

Should you really be taking what he 'predicts' seriously?

Matt Wright

Politics 2.0 .... yes and no really. Of course we have to use the power of the internet but we also have to recognise its weaknesses and spot the hype,



Yes, why not? Losing an election doesn't mean that one has no merit or substance to bring to the discussion. In fact, understanding why one lost gives one valuable experience that can be shared.

Frogg (USA)

I think the one to watch this political season for this new form of communication is Fred Thompson. He has now tied Guliani for first place in one poll (is second in another) and has yet to spend one dime.

Mary Fernandez

Certainly experience is valuable, I'm sure he has great stories. At some point you have to wonder, though, if Trippi is capable of learning from his mistakes. After five (big) losses and currently one (just as big) in the making, it may be he is simply making the same mistakes over and over again but each time expecting a different result. Now, he is incorporating new technology. Take his advice with open eyes.

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