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Will Milliband or Brown be tearing strips of Alexander or Malloch Brown? I don't think so. This is typical nuLabour doublespeak.Let's be all thinks to all men.They are still as slippery and dishonest as when Blair was in charge.


So what's new? Blair was obsessed with the UN and the tranzis as well. What one would like to see is a stronger line from the Consrevatives instead of the same waffle from Hague as we get from Malloch Brown.

Da Coyote

Sounds like business as usual over at 10 Downing.


"Both the US and UK are unfortunately moving towards greater faith in the United Nations". Huh? I don't know about the UK but the US? We are? All I hear is how we don't trust the UN anymore. And I don't either.

Mary Fernandez

Well, I'm at a loss with all these games. If Brown wants distance, nothing is stopping him.

Denise is right about the UN though, totally discredited in the US.

Da Coyote

Not totally. There are some Democrat holdouts. Maybe if the Blue ticket takes the WH they'll get annoyed with Turtle Bay. But as long as their true enemies (the Republicans) are sleeping at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue there are going to be cheerleaders for the big "UN" in America.


Da Coyote, yes, but they are the only ones.

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