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Tony Makara

Obama has enjoyed a lot of hype, this makes his challege appear to be greater than it actually is. A vastly overrated politican who has nothing to offer. Those who think voters would catapult Obama into the White House are being naive. Obama is all blag.


The Dems haven't a clue. Immigration is the big issue. And they have shown the American people that they want them to SHUT THE HELL UP by voting "NO" on the John Doe Provision which prohibits lawsuits against Americans who report suspicious terrorist activity.

That's going to bite them in the "arse".

Frogg, USA

I don't know why the Dems would feel so confident?

In a newly released set of 2008 Gallup general election matchups, Rudy Giuliani has edged in front of Hillary Rodham Clinton among registered voters, 49-46, while Clinton has an equally thin margin over Fred Thompson, 48-45. Giuliani comes in ahead of Barack Obama, 49-45, while Obama leads Thompson 51-40.

07/24 09:34 AM


"If Barack Obama can persuade people that America really needs a changemaker he might just triumph."

It would be very difficult for Obama to win on a Sarkozy-like platform. The 2006 election upset was as much American annoyance at Republicans' lack of integrity, and exasperation over mistakes in Iraq, real or perceived. I doubt too many mainstream voters would sign on to a very ambitious program, left or right. America is instinctively conservative (small c):), and most of us still seem convinced that there is a war going on. Not the time for radical upheavals at home.


Joanna, I agree.

Atheling, absolutely.


Well no doubt every thug in this world is persuaded Barack (I'll sit and talk) Obama will be the right kind of change.

Oh and parents who want their 1st graders taught sex education (as long as its done right).


Well no doubt every thug in this world is persuaded Barack (I'll sit and talk) Obama will be the right kind of change.

Oh and parents who want their 1st graders taught sex education (as long as its done right).


"Oh and parents who want their 1st graders taught sex education"

Steevo, that reminds me of something. During the time Bill Clinton was president, he and Hillary allowed all these school students and some of their parents into the White House around one Christmas. Do you know what the Clintons' Christmas tree was decorated with? Dildo and condom ornaments! I kid you not. The media had to make sure the images were blurred on television in case children at home were watching and many of the parents there at the White House were appalled. Even some Democrats were appalled. Hillary's reaction was that it was to teach valuable sex education to the children. >:-0 !


Hillary has really bad taste. When Bill was the gov of Arkansas she had artificial flowers everywhere. Ghastly. Mix that with political correctness and you get a condom tree.

Hehe, we ought to dredge that up while she runs.


I remember the condom Christmas Tree. It was in Gary Aldrich's book, I think? I just wonder if the Republicans will have enough courage to use the hefty amount of dirt that is out there. Most of this stuff is pretty much common knowledge, but none of it has been hyped by the media the way it would have been had the tree belonged to a Republican president.


Yeah, Atheling, we should! Teehee :-D

Ami, you're right. Had it been a Republican we would not be hearing the end of it. As for Hillary, I hardly hear it mentioned at all.


From the brilliant Charles Krauthammer:


"For Barack Obama, it was strike two. And this one was a right-down-the-middle question from a YouTuber in Monday night's South Carolina debate: "Would you be willing to meet separately, without precondition, during the first year of your administration, in Washington or anywhere else, with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea?"

"I would," responded Obama.

His explanation dug him even deeper: "The notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them -- which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of this administration -- is ridiculous."

From The Nation's David Corn to super-blogger Mickey Kaus, a near audible gasp. For Hillary Clinton, next in line at the debate, an unmissable opportunity. She pounced: "I will not promise to meet with the leaders of these countries during my first year." And she then proceeded to give the reasons any graduate student could tick off: You don't want to be used for their propaganda. You need to know their intentions. Such meetings can make the situation worse.

Just to make sure no one missed how the grizzled veteran showed up the clueless rookie, the next day Clinton told the Quad-City Times of Davenport, Iowa, that Obama's comment "was irresponsible and frankly naive.""

How did the OP miss this? Is he as naive as Obama?

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