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Andrew Ian Dodge

Daniel good piece and pretty close to the mark on all. I think it is possible that Allen might not be as good as a candidate as you portray. His getting into bed with DailyKos, even having a website, on the site which is described by many as peddling hate, might end up backfiring on him. He also does not seem to be au fait with the online world as Collin's team.

One interesting little thing going on in Maine. Senator Snowe, Collins' fellow Republican takes money from the far-left supporting Soros. Collins' opponent Allen also takes money from Soros.

Maine Web Report is a good source of info on the race.

Peter Coe

One typo spotted and one substantive comment: typo is in Maine, where Collins' fellow senator is Olympia Snowe, not Olympia Collins.

Also, don't really think it's wise to compare Maine to Rhode Island - RI competes with Massachusetts to be the most Democrat state in the land: Maine is very much more mainstream; trending the way the North West has but still much more independent than RI has been for decades.

My point? It's very much easier for a moderate Republican to win in Maine than Rhode Island (and aside from anything else, Chafee was a spineless, whining pillock - a shadow of his father whose seat he inherited; Collins is a substantive politician).

Substantive point: Louisiana - it's wrong to assume that all the New Orleans displaced moved out of state: by far the largest bloc moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana's second city. So Republicans banking on there just being a lot fewer Democrats around should reign themselves in a little (it also may make the GOP-held Baton Rouge district vulnerable).

Frogg, USA

Republicans have 22 Senate seats to protect; and, Dems have 12. According to political analyst like Larry Sabato, there are 7 at risk (5 rep; 2 Dem). That, in itself, will make it a tough election for Repubs.

The situation will be in reverse in 2012 election (I think something like 2/3rd of Dems have to defend their seats; and only a few Repubs).

In the House, the blue dog Dems who won Repub seats in 2006 will have to defend. I don't know how they are looking to their constituents.

But, I think the electorate is unpredictable right now. There is something brewing in the American psyche right now that I can't put my finger on.

And, many things can change in 15 months. For example, there is some interesting developement on investigations into the leaker of the FISA/NSA leaks with possible ties directly to the DNC (which could have some reprecussions among voters).

Quite frankly, it is just too soon to start analyzing the elections.

The Big E

On the Minnesota race (MN-SEN), there is one important aspect you may not know about -- Coleman's very weak right now. His approval rating is only 43% and his disapproval rating is 48%. Furthermore, his 20% lead in polls taken earlier this year has evaporated. He now leads Franken by 5 and Ciresi by 6. Franken is out-fundraising him. Franken raised $1.9M to Norm's $1.6M in Q2.

It's just not looking good for Norm.

Check out all the details at the Norm Coleman Weasel Meter

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