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Nizhinsky, fine if you wanna dismiss the BBC (I think that's what you've done?) but it is obvious your sources are what you've chosen for your facts. The generally left/liberal media has painted Bush pretty much as you’ve said. So yeah I think some Americans are gonna buy it as they’re intent on the local paper or evening news. What matters here, to me, is you think he’s a "simpleton." And, having a foreign policy with the exception of Afghanistan, “bloody, disastrous and needless.” And this guy Francis Fukuyama… never heard of him, but one guy doesn’t usually sway me anyway. “Spectacular" failure… just another adjective.

My point is my point about Denise’s points. And you prove it here. They’re just not relevant. We’re back to step one, the end-all. George W Bush. The reason, for, prejudice. But, we can't forget poodle Blair either.


Steevo... sorry... I should have been more alert due to your past posts. But "facetious" doesn't translate well on a written format ;).

My bad :).


Nizhinsky... how does a "simpleton" get degrees from both Harvard and Yale? Yes, "legacy" status from his father attending Yale helped Bush get IN, but did not help him pass exams. And legacy status at Yale does not, by any stretch of imagination, help you get into Harvard. Those are seriously rival schools on virtually all measures.

The fact that he has degrees from both schools starts us out with the fact that Bush is NOT a "simpleton", and can not be a simpleton. Does he have a speech problem? Yes. But so did Einstein, and I'm not claiming that Bush is an "Einstein", but rather pointing out that there is a HUGE difference between "intelligence" and "glibness".


"But "facetious" doesn't translate well on a written format." Yeah I know. I used to know better too but, I'm kinda past that ;-)


I see no pornographic images.


Andy it reminded me of a Picasso :-) The guy does have talent. Its just too easy and trendy, the same ole artistic 'statement'. He should have done one of Mohammed.


Shouldn't it be some sort of sectionable offence to churn out this sort of c**p?

The real irony is, my 6 year old daughter makes better art than this eminently slappable git.

Churchill's Parrot

Perhaps we should all take our cue from Mr. Bush in such instances and not dignify this jackassery (i.e. "art") with a response; for spoiled children hate nothing more than to be ignored.

Otherwise - Denise - if I might wax Oprahtic, YOU GO GIRL!




It's going to be interesting to see, when Bush is out of office, what proportion of the anti-Bush feeling is just that, anti-BUSH feeling and what proportion is pure Anti-Americanism. I've got to admit that I've always found Bush annoying myself, even when I agree with him, so maybe that "folksiness" thing of his just grates on European nerves at the same time as it appeals to Americans (or, at least, DID appeal to Americans).
I can't see any particular anti-Hilary or Giuliani feeling (to select the two leading Presidential candidates) in Europe at the moment. On the contrary, they both seem pretty popular and yet Bush was never liked, even at the start it was "How can you elect this guy".


I find it amusing that Euros can say "How can you elect that guy?" when we see a history in Europe: Staline, Hitler, Napoleon, Mussolini, etc... How can you let these people gain power?

Sorry, but Europe's leaders have done far worse damaging the planet in terms of killing than ANY US President ever have!


Argh, I wish one can go back and edit!


Excellent point, Atheling.

Andy, I didn't see the images either until I clicked on the bigger picture. And I wouldn't have seen the images at all, had I not been told what they were. It's something you have to be looking for, otherwise you won't see it. Anyway, no matter how 'creative' or 'artistic' anyone thinks this is, I think, for the very reasons I discussed above, it was intended to be a slap in Bush's face (no pun intended) and a mockery of the Christian values Bush claims to cherish. I mean, what better way to insult someone with family values? Make their face out of pornographic images. And Andy, I'm sure your daughter's art is better and more mature than that!

And while I agree that Bush isn't a very good speaker and yes, he's actually gotten on my nerves a few times and I've been disappointed with some things during these last four years, he's still President and deserves some respect for that and people just go way overboard in cutting him down. It's so juvenile. Enough is enough.


Charlie, thank you! You've got me doing that snapping of the finger in a z motion now, lol! :-D


Every advantage his pampered upbringing should have got him, the best he can come up with?

Lets show them how clever I am since I have a solid career of crushing disappointment behind me, ermmm, something original and not done before ... aha! Make fun of Bush!

I'd rather stand 10 hours in a field in typical British weather than give this a second glance.


I think I may have been slightly misunderstood earlier, but you have raised some excellent points.
I agree with you too, Steevo on the quality of the piece - you can get stuff like that on any AVCE art course across the country. It's just incredibly unoriginal and very...teenage.

As someone who has great respect for the late Ronald Reagan, I sometimes find myself asking whether I would have at the time (sadly, I was only born in 1985). In this respect many of you may be correct in your assumption that Bush will be seen more favourably in time. Then again, you also may not. Time will tell. Personally though, I think Iraq will always prove indefensible and will overshadow the president's legacy.

p.s. Steevo yes I was dismissing the BBC! I have no time for those cretins :)

p.p.s. Francis Fukuyama wrote the infamous 'End Of History & The Last Man' (slated by Mrs T as 'nonsense') in 1992 and was instrumental in the development of the New American Century project. Look him up on wikipedia!


Hating someone so much that you create a depiction of them out of porno isn't so spectacular. Why just the other day I heard about a race of people who would gladly send their children out to commit murder-suicide from the same such hatred. It boggles the mind.


Well Nizhinsky I'm glad you didn't take me personal. Half the time I've got a smirk, or, a pretty good feeling but not many know. And you're a lot better spoken albeit in type than I was at your age. Yes, I'll look up Mr. Fukuyama.



Where does the hatred of Bush end and the hatred of Americans begin? I don't think there is a clear dividing line at all.

I'm quite pessimistic about the future of the relations between the US and Britain. Whatever special relationship existed in the past is over. At this point, I would say even our alliance is highly questionable.

Hatred of Bush is safe and comfortable for the people of Britain. He is not a personal threat and there is no price to pay. But it is still troubling.

It would be unimaginable for Americans to express hatred for a British political figure.



They hate Bush because they hate America, and more specifically, Americans who do not reflect Leftist, socialist values.

It's more comfortable for them to hate Bush because there is no retaliation for it - indeed it's encouraged. Yet these very same people are the ones who refuse to look at the elephant in the living room: the Islamification of the UK.



I would also join with you and atheling. I see no future for this relationship, and while a short decade ago that thought would have desvastated me, I now look forward to it ending. I had always respected and admired Europe, and especially Britain, but now?

The Europeans and the Brits hide behind their anti-Bush nonsense and believe that it gives them cover to be as obnoxious and abusive as they please to America. They believe that we will not feel it because it is directed at Bush and when he is gone from office things will return to "normal." What is normal? There is no more "normal." "Normal" has been choked to death by their pettiness.

There is a tipping point when good natured teasing ends and invective has real meaning, and we have long ago passed that point. I am not much of Bush supporter, but he is the President of my country, and as such, I extend to him all of the respect that goes with that office. I have tried to explain to my British "friends" that disagreeing with him and his policies is pefectly acceptable, heck, I disagree with him on many things, but the viciousness that forms European and British disagreements are appalling, and goes way beyond anything that one would expect from serious adults. It is impossible to feel respect for people who show none for others. I wish Europe no ill will, but neither do I hope they prosper, I am indifferent to what its future is.

I drop into a lot of sites such as this just to see how far and how deep their contempt is, and just when I think I have experienced the bottom they always surprise me.

Not Bill Clinton


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