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All the more reason why citizens should not be allowed to vote until they pass a test. For pity's sake, Copernicus put us on the right course over 500 years ago, so why should these people have any idea how to select politicians responsibly?


Is this a joke! My God that's terrible. That guy doesn't even look like he dropped out of school or anything. Anyway, yes Americans are getting dumber. You know why? Its because a bunch of leftist morons run the educational system and the media in this country. You want to meet a smart American kid? Go find one homeschooled by an old school Republican.


I can't believe a question like that is even broached in a game show!

Anytime some sneering Euro brings up the "dumb American" and "evil America" mantra, I'm going to show him this:


Why should we even listen to anything they say? They don't even have freedom of speech in Europe anymore.



You got that right. If you want to see a dumb American, go to a major university and talk to about 90% of the students there who can't analyze or logically think something through. They don't know how to think rationally. All they know how to do is use the same tired leftist mantras they've been indoctrinated with: "Bush lied, people died" or "it's global warming" or "you're a racist".


Tim - now you seem to be so pro-American you have started to hate Europeans.


So pro-American he's started to hate Europeans? What are you talking about, that's the French, being French.

Tim Montgomerie

Not at all OED! I'm a European myself but many Europeans look down on Americans. That video suggests that a snooty attitude may not be justified.


Is this a "Who's buried in Grant's Tomb?" moment? I wish I could say this is Europe and confined there, but it isn't. This is the state of modern education all over the Western world. More time is spent on "touchy-feely PC" nonsense than teaching facts. Forget critical thinking, that is neither taught nor encouraged. I feel that we are going backwards rather than forward.

Simon Newman

According to Lynn & Vanhannen, USA & France have the exact same IQ, while dear old Blighty beats them both by 2 points, huzzah!


Of course those dratted north-east Asians beat us all handily, but you can't have everything.


Mind you, if the question was "what rotates around France?" He would have got the answer straight off: "The universe, of course!"


A minor quibble with the translator of that snip... the moon REVOLVES around the earth. The moon ROTATES on its axis. Rotates=turns, revolves=orbits, circumnavigates.

Minor, yeah... but when I went to school back in the Neolithic Age, saying the moon rotates around the earth would have been a WRONG answer on the test.

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