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Tony Makara

The only way I can see forward for Iraq is to break the country into autonomous regions held together under a greater Iraqi federation. This would involve the re-location of peoples, but in the long term that would create a better basis for stability and democracy in the country.

Umbrella man

Iain Duncan-Smith is correct.
It is a disgrace that Sarkozy and Merkel aren't helping properly bin Afghanistan.
If they were doing what they should in Helmand etc we could be more aggressive in defeating the Basra militias and their Iranian sponsors.

Letters From A Tory

You cannot 'beat' Al-Qaeda. It is a worldwide collaboration of people intent on fighting back against Western occupations of Muslim lands, and is not a tangible organisation in the same way that a national army is a solid unit of people.

The so-called war against Al-Qaeda is an ideological battle more than a military one.

Gulf Expat

More wrong headed thinking from Iain Duncan Smith in my view. He shows a failure to understand both Al Qaeda and what's driving the insurgency in Iraq. Its exactly this type of lack of knowledge about the world that got us into Iraq in the first place.


Seems as if the Iraqis are starting to fight Al Quaeda rather than ally with them. Another two years,and Al Quaeda could be out of Iraq. IDS is right.


Gulf Expat, do you care to explain yourself?

I'll explain why I ask in the hope of making it easier if you do.

What do you mean be "understand" al Qaeda?

What do you mean by "driving" the insugency?

Who are the "insurgency"?

I'm asking because I suspect you're quite ignorant. And maybe more.

Victor, NW Kent

I was pleased when IDS lost his position purely because of his wholehearted support of Blair in the invasion of Iraq.
We have lost the war in Iraq. If victory was possible it would be at a cost we could not stomach.

The illogic of IDS's thoughts is easily shown - there is no opposing army to deafeat, to subjugate. Our opponents spring from many countries, including the UK. They are like the dragon's teeth as there is an endless supply of Muslim youth to offer themselves as sacrifices for their cause. Therefore no victory is possible as long as children are being born this day who will blow themselves up in 20 years time.

It is necessary to withdraw and to institute quarantine procedures to keep the infected out of the UK.


"It is necessary to withdraw and to institute quarantine procedures to keep the infected out of the UK."

If that happened right now, what about the ordinary people left vulnerable to thugs and insurgents?

I don't think there is much to be gained from protracted debates about whether the UK should or should not have gone into Iraq. The reality is that we are there and people need protecting. If US/UK troops are not there who else could protect them? The UN?

Where is the evidence that IDS was ousted "purely because of his wholehearted support of Blair in the invasion of Iraq"?

Though a decent man, IDS lacked charisma and was a particularly unimpressive public speaker. It would have been more for these reasons that he lost the confidence vote.

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