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Donal Blaney

This is a very, very smart collection of policies. Items 8 and 9 help deal with the difficult issue of abortion that matters so much to conservative activists in the GOP.

Tony Makara

Rudy Giuliaini definately looks to be the right man for the GOP nomination now that John McCain's campaign appears to be in trouble. What would the possibility be of a Giuliaini/McCain ticket? I think Giuliaini will reel in a lot of support from the more sensible wing of the Democratic party. My brother who is a regular vistor to New York has nothing but praise for the way Rudy Giuliaini has cleaned up Manhattan in particular. A Zero-tolerance approach to low level criminality clearly works.

The Culture Warrior

I very much hope Giuliani wins the nomination, and the presidency. He's just what America and the world needs.


Yes, I hope Rudy gets the nomination. This nonsense, "Officials Reject Iranian President's Bid To Visit Ground Zero", would never happen under Rudy's watch as mayor of NYC. Bloomberg, the current mayor, seemed to think it was just fine. Rudy threw Arafat out of the NYC opera and refused a large donation after 9/11 from some Sheik he didn't like.

I live in the South. Rudy plays well here because he's tough. We're not the drooling, moronic, knuckle-dragging fools that the media and political elite enjoy portraying us to be.

Rudy clowning around in drag? Too funny, because most of us have someone in the family who does the same thing. Abortion? Most of us leave it to the individual. Gays and lesbians? Our small town has always had a thriving group. We live and let live. Divorce? In my age group, most have had at least two divorces and are screwing up the third try.

So, Rudy rocks in my area.

Here's the link for the Ahmedindejad story. Too bad we have to host him again, but that's just one more insult added to the cost of hosting the UN and paying nearly 25% of their budget.



Interesting that the poster comments that the dinner was attended by "wealthy" Americans...


If Rudy promises to defend Second Amendment rights and appoint strict Constructionist justices then I'm happy to vote for him.

I think he's the only candidate who can run circles around Hillary in a debate and outmaneuver her in his campaigning. He's proven his mettle as a good leader in a time of crisis and I think he has no qualms about protecting American interests.

Kevin Sampson

The two parts of #12 are mutually exclusive.


Does the US need to project more soft power or hard power in the coming decades?

If we need to project more soft power, Rudy is hardly the man for the job.


Ah, what is your point Maduka?

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