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Simon Newman

Wow, Tony Snow didn't last long. It seemed like he'd barely started. He certainly did a much better job than McClellan.


I hope Tony Snow's departure isn't about cancer. The man won a battle with cancer a few years ago when he was with FOX News.


He was the best the Administration had. I was sorry to see him go in talk radio and at Fox but I think his short time as press secretary paid off because Bush needed help. Its not hard to wonder if its the cancer.


Tony is fighting for his life. His cancer has returned, and is treatable but not curable. Tony is a great and caring guy with a young family to think of, and I hope that you will keep him in your prayers. God be with you, Tony.


Channel Four is showing 'fahrenheit 9/11' next week. One can only assume that they will also be showing a two hour long programme on how Michael Moore's documentary is full of lies (although I shan't be holding my breath!).


Well, Richard, there is that documentary called 'FahrenHYPE 9/11. And it DOES tell how Michael Moore's documentary is full of lies.


I watched Snow answer media questions last week. His suit looked about 10 sizes too big. A doctor watching with me observed "I wouldn't bother getting it tailored.


I just listened to a radio interview with Tony Snow. He sounds great, and he said he was feeling pretty great too. He has completed chemo therapy and is now on maintenance. His hair is growing back and he is gaining back most of the weight that he lost. Tony's attitude is positive and up beat, and he is getting back in the political game. I for one am glad he is out of the White House as he is far more valuable in the trenches. You go, Tony!

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