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So there are none of Giuliani and Dave Whatshisface?


If Cameron didn't meet with Giuliani was it because Giuliani refused to meet with Cameron or the other way round?

The meal in the evening was organised by Liam Fox I am sure he could have got Cameron a place on the top table!


"I am sure he could have got Cameron a place on the top table!"

I he had, Lady Thatcher might have refused to participate.

Tony Makara

Why is Gordon Brown unnecessarily burning that table light, the room looks well-lit as it is. Plus that light will damage that oil painting on the wall above it. Is that Robert The Bruce next to the lamp?

Chris D. Kelly

How interesting to see Tony Blair's office (if that's what it is). Note the polystyrene, throwaway cup -- not exactly environmentally friendly behaviour from Britain's former PM!


Rudy Giuliani or Vampire Ghouliani?



That was really mature.

Ed Nutter

"It's clear that the Thatcher photo opportunity means most to the Rudy people..."

As well it should.


I don't think that's polystyrene, it looks ceramic! :D


Interesting juxtaposition; the son of a mob legbreaker from Brooklyn with the daughter of a Methodist grocer from Grantham.

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