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One of the biggest reasons why I vote Rebublican is because the alternative is intolerable. I'm not a member of the Rebublican party.

Frankly I chalk this up to politics, and typical on our side - sissy style when in the spotlight. I don't place much weight in it either because I really don't expect anything different. Republicans are used to being chewed up by our lib media so bad they're overly sensitive about being pegged insensitive. You're right Tim, Rudy doesn't wanna offend. I've even wondered how much different he really is than Bush in this regard. I think we can easily assume he doesn't wanna give the Brit and US press too much ammunition this soon, I mean come on he is a bonafide politician. But still this is what we should expect and even if elected when in office. Don't expect him to tell it the way 'I think' he probably feels when it means being critical of certain others.

Frankly I think he is placing too much on NATO and our Brit alliance. You know I go back to that 71% and that is not all because of Bush. If Israel was incorporated into NATO maybe, but it would never happen as Europe has sold out to Muslim "sensitivities".

I didn't listen to NPR but I say so what if they raise money in other countries, well with the exception of the obvious despots. Our campaign finance laws are nonsense.


Excuse me I meant Republican :-D

Tim Montgomerie

I'm not disappointed at Rudy, Steevo, for not addressing these "wobbly" factors as long as he knows that they exist. From the quality of his Thatcher era advisors my guess is that he does understand them.


The other issue is that Giuliani cannot want what is best for the British more than the British themselves. As an outsider criticizing British policy, he would likely merely raise the hackles of the British for interfering in their domestic politics (for it is, indeed, a domestic policy to decide how much to spend on defense).

In the same way that Americans bristle at the world lecturing us, we have no outlet to convince the British of the merits of our policies other than the courses already chosen, such as employing British scholars in our think tanks in the hope that American policies will cross-pollinate into British discourse in time.

In other words, I think Giuliani's approach is about as good as it gets when it comes to American interference in British affairs. We can try to sabotage the EU project and restrain the creation of the European defense forces only so much; the UK continues to surrender sovereignty to Brussels every day, and there's nothing the US can do about it. The choice is up to the British themselves.

Tony Makara

Interesting article. I was against the war in Iraq because I never believed the claims of WMDs, which were never backed up by any concrete evidence. Nontheless I do support a much stronger military and believe in the special alliance. I feel that Russia and China will continue to foster mutual co-operation as their two economies gain a foothold around the globe. China in particular has plans to corner markets in Africa. Eventually there may come a time when western economic interests clash with those of Russia and China, at such a time our military should be of such strength as to deter any adventurism.

On the subject of terrorism, from what I've read from numerous sources it would seem that intelligence is key in the battle. If intelligence services are stengthened and are able to nullify major terrorist operations it will serve to demoralize recruitment. There is a certain glamour for young men in being involved in what they see as a resistance movement. However that glamour fades if terrorist groups areseen to have failed time and time again.

Ron West

JF - The choice is NOT being allowed to be up to the British themselves, because there is a tiny arrogant elite at the top of all the main political parties heaving us deeper and deeper into the European Union against the wishes of the vast majority of the British people.

PS - Tim, your god-daughter Sophie got a special star for being top of her class at school last week (despite being one of the youngest in her year).

Ron West

JF - see http://www.johnredwoodsdiary.com/2007/09/22/the-dutch-cabinet-join-the-eu-conspiracy-against-the-voters/


Ron West,

Point taken, and yet the party best positioned to provide British voters with that very choice, UKIP, is going nowhere in the polls. One would think that this single issue is important enough and overriding enough that whatever other qualms people might have about UKIP (although at least superficially, their platform seems rather attractive to an American conservative like me), that they would give UKIP a chance.

So three questions remain, then:
1) Why is this?
2) What can be done, short of a coup d'etat? (although one could argue over the very real possibility that the elites have already effected a coup through their actions)
3) Is there a role for the US in this, or would interference merely aggravate the situation?

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