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Umbrella man

This site is becoming Rudy's London HQ!!!


The speech makes many interesting and substantive points, but it is a little too rambling and conversational. Fine for certain venues, but I would think an inaugural speech should be a tiny bit more formal.

Still. I'd love to see Guiliani as the Republican nominee and I'd certainly vote for him. The conversational tone might not be quite the thing for a speech, but it's perfecting for campaigning and great for press conferences and answering off the cuff questions. Anyway, you can always work on better speeches, but it's much harder to be quick-witted in conversation and he's certainly got the latter skill.

Thank you for posting the link.


I'd even love to see G*iu*liani as the Republican nominee.....


Leaving aside my personal preferences, I think the nomination will be between Giuliani and Thompson. Giuliani's advantage is that he can pull a lot of independents. His disadvantage is that a huge number of conservative voters will not vote for him. Thompson may be the only candidate who can motivate huge numbers of conservatives to go vote, but he's not likely to pull lots of independent votes.

I think it will come down to which is more important: The red-state (not metrocon) conservative Republican base, or independents.


Thompson won't get my vote in the Primaries. He's a slug, compared to quick-witted Giuliani. I don't think Thompson can beat Hillary either. Recently he was asked about the Terry Schiavo affair and he was like a deer caught in the headlights. His response was evasive, morally relative, and bumbling. Not a good sign. I also think Hillary would clobber him in a debate.

In the end, I think Giuliani will get the conservative vote simply because the alternative (Hillary) is just too dreadful; social conservatives (like myself) will choose a social moderate over a socialist.


If Rudy gets the nomination, I'm almost the only conservative I know who will even show up at the polls. If you're unaware of the animosity (that's putting it mildly) redstate conservatives have for Rudy, then you should probably broaden your reading.

Rudy did better than I expected at the NRA Industry conference yesterday, but he just doesn't get it. Thompson, Huckabee, Brownback, and Hunter do, but Brownback and Hunter have no chance of getting the nomination, and Huckabee won't, as soon as the public becomes more aware of his great fondness for nanny state programs.

I suspect we'll have 8 years of a Democratic Congress and White House. I'm not looking forward to it. I survived Carter. But huge numbers of conservatives will not vote for Rudy, no matter who's on the Democratic ticket. The only way he can win is if he can pull at least as many independents, and I really doubt that that's going to happen. And you're quite mistaken about Rudy v. Hillary. There isn't that much difference when you look at the issues that matter.


Thank you for posting the link to Rudy's speech.

It's impressive to listen to him present his views along with ideas to implement them and engage others in the process. I think he struck the right cord, and perhaps Rudy can achieve that in articulating our foreign policy should he become president.

Of all the Republican candidates Rudy is the only one who, in my humble opinion, can, and will, happily tear Hillary apart in debates. Rudy is a procecutor, fast on his feet and ready to go for the jugular. Hillary will not be capable of defending herself once Rudy decides to "prosecute." And I doubt he will let her off easily because she's a "girl" as some of the others seem willing to do.

More and more I'm hearing that this will be an ABH (Anyone But Hillary) vote. Surprisingly that includes many Democrats and uber Lib types. Shocking, really.


I hope Giuliani gets to debate Hillary; I agree with you, Anna, he would decimate her.

Both are lawyers, but Giuliani is quicker on his feet and more relentless once he has his "prey" in his sights. His successful prosecution and disbanding of five major mafia families in the NY-NJ areas is impressive. I think that same tenacity will bode well in fighting terrorist camps which are growing in our country.


I must respectfully disagree with you, rightwingprof, being a New Yorker I know Rudy's positions quite well. I am also a conservative, and while Rudy would not be my first choice, if he runs against Hillary he will be my only choice.

What is far more important than whether Rudy is president is that Hillary not be. It is time that we end this Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton chain that is forming. When Hillary loses the next presidential election I hope it will remove her from the national political scene. Let her continue to be New York's senator. Having her confined to the senate is, in my opinion, definitely preferable to her sitting in the Oval Office, and certainly the lesser of the two evils.



You might enjoy this article from the Am. Spectator if you have not seen it already: "Hillary Slayer"
By Philip Klein http://www.spectator.org/dsp_article.asp?art_id=12030

There was an amusing story about Rudy's recent trip to the South Carolina. While sitting in a coffee shop chatting with people he was questioned about his position on gun ownership. It was noted that our state is a "concealed carry" state. Rudy asked how many people really carry weapons. An attractive woman sitting next to him pulled out a Glock from her handbag, said, "I do, and I'm not giving it up."



I did read that article, thanks for reminding me! And I got a good laugh from the S. Carolina incident. That's an area where Rudy needs a little education. (coming from a woman who also packs heat!)

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