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GuardianAmerica eh? How has America survived 200 years without Madeleine Bunting or Polly Toynbee?

I suppose the BBC will provide America with something slightly different anyway. Rather than having Bill O'Reilly shouting at his guests you can have John Humphreys or Jeremy Paxman just being bloody rude to them.


Well, I'm a year late to this debate so please consider this a footnote from a brit.

I would have thought that having another news channel is a good thing, the BBC and other news outlets (Gaurdian etc) aren't going to brainwash you all into thinking in a "left wing" or "commie" manner as inferred.

You should see it for what it is, another view point. Personally I like the BBC, they seem fairly impartial and can be critical of the current UK goverment at times so they seem healthy to me.

Anyone following one news channel only suffers the risk of following that channels political leanings (look up Rupert Murdoch) so I hope you get another hundred channels from all over the place and watch them all.


No, we do not need a hostile media organization attempting to make money off of us (Capitalism) while simultaneously telling us how evil Capitalism is. Other viewpoints are fine, but we do not need to be chided by obnoxious foreigners. I hate the BBC and the Guardian with all my heart and am considering starting a blog to inform Americans of the intentions of their new British friends.

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