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Well said. British conservatives would be well served by separating themselves from their party and instead concentrating on institution-building (think tanks, media, etc.) to pull British society rightward in the same way that the American conservative movement is distinct from the Republican party. This would also help hold the Conservative Party to account when it drifts leftward, with the underlying threat that conservatives may vote for an alternative (e.g. UKIP).

Andrew Ian Dodge

Well said Peter. Its amazing how much people pontificate about American politics who have no clue. Unlike you, of course, who have done your time in and around the Hill. This is one of the best things you have written in a long time.


I doubt many people here care that much. Most folk in the UK and the conservative party want to see a US president who isn't a dumbass. Whether he's republican or democrat doesn't really matter.

informed outsider

excellent exacly what we want to hear- hits the nail on the head


Also worth adding that Clinton only pushed NAFTA through because of the Republicans.

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