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Tony Makara

I must say that I was always opposed to the Iraq war, not that I was a Saddam fan like Galloway, its just didn't believe the stories of WMDs and worried that invading Iraq and creating a power vacuum would lead to massive loss of life. For the same reasons I'm opposed to any form of military action against Iran.

Nontheless I am totally opposed to the mind-set portrayed by the bizarre collection of low-life pictured above. Do these people have any understanding of the real world? These pictures remind me so much of the student demonstrations against the Vietnam war, except that the people pictured above are not raw well-intentioned youngsters. Those above represent the ugly and vile face of progressive politics in America today.


The world does not fear American power. Many people around the world fear that America will lose the will to fight and the will to be the leader of the world. Then and only then will the yahoos in the pictures above see what the world would really be like without America.

Conservative Homer

A good example of the diverse political extremes of America. I think too many people in Britain believe the sloppy/politically duplicitous BBC reporting of a gun-toting tele-evangelist america that doesnt allow dissent, more authoritarian than China. Yet in some states, prostitution, weed and other things are legal (at least until a federal court overrules them) far more freedoms than we are granted here. Truth be told, America is still the most free country in the world.
A friend of mine just started university at Humboldt state, apparently a hotbed of liberalism, and according to him far more liberal than the UK - although he still identifies himself as a conservative in the UK! mainly because 'liberals' here are just socialists hiding under the more popular 'liberal' banner. Many liberals (not all) in America seem to have a fundamental distrust of government, whereas many liberals here paradoxically have a fundamental yearning for more government.
Im one of those people like Hopboy says fears a weak america. For all its faults, im happy with America being the worlds number one power, China or Russia filling that position scares the sh*t out of me.

I dont find the images offensive. Ignorant maybe, but still a heathly display of free speech.

Tony Makara

Conservative Homer, I agree that we need a strong America, especially to counter the potential economic threat from China, plus no-one can predict which way Russia will go. There are some very extreme people in the progressive movement who have their roots in Marxism. These days of course the Marxist creed has been re-branded as progressive Liberalism. Rush Limbaugh has been warning us about people like this for years. I recommend everyone in the UK try to listen to Rush online.


I agree that we need a strong America, I jusr don't feel invading random countries is the best way to do it. The first picture is especially appalling

Tim Montgomerie

Come on StudentTory... America didn't invade random countries. Afghanistan was the base for the 9/11 attacks. Iraq has poisoned gassed its own people, invaded neighbours and sponsored terrorists.


I agree with Afghanistan but not with Iraq. Why not invade all the other countries with dictators that commit genocide (I'd like Britain to invade Zimbabwe and sort Mugabe out but I know that its not up to us to do than unless where asked to by Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe invaded Congo). We all know that there isn't any evidence that Saddam sponsored terrorists.

Yet Another Anon

This should not be tolerated - anyone in the UK advocating or supporting attacks on the UK or UK troops or public sector facilities, or UK citizens for the simple reason they are UK citizens and similarily in the US with those who advocate such positions, such people advocating this should be immediately interned and have no access to the press or general public, and then they should be tried and if found guilty face mandatory execution.

These people are committing gross forms of Treason.

Tony Makara

Yet Another Anon, interesting point that you make. While I'm sure that many of the placards at such demos are full of throwaway comments made in a moment of bravado, they could serve to legitimize attacks on civil/military targets in the eyes of disaffected muslims. Such attacks should not be glorified even if made in flippant jest.


The people photographed by ZombieTime (not the ones highlighted here by B&A.com) are extraordinary. All those naked cyclists and so on. These people need help!


Yet Another Anon:

I can't condone your recommendation because no matter how stupid they are, those fools have First Amendment rights. Of course, they risk ridicule, which they deserve.

Tony Makara:

"I must say that I was always opposed to the Iraq war, not that I was a Saddam fan like Galloway, its just didn't believe the stories of WMDs"

He HAD WMDs. What did he use to gas the Kurds and the Iranians with??? The UN's dithering allowed Saddam plenty of time to get rid of the evidence, with Syria's help.

Those poster holders in the photos are the result of the Leftist dominated media like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR and PBS and Academia in America today. They support an agenda which is anti American, anti Western civilization, and anti Christian.

Note the "F*** Middle America" sign? Contempt for the middle class is popular among the Leftist elitist who are Socialists. I bet they love the EU.

Tony Makara

atheling, I was refering to the claim that Saddam had nuclear weapons primed to hit Britain in 45 minutes. A fabrication so enormous that I'm surprised anyone fell for it at all let alone most of parliament. Nontheless I agree that the gassing was an atrocity. As was the bombing of Iraqi civilians. I havent forgot the pictures of Iraqi children with their limbs blown off.

CCHQ Spy, yes I agree that we have to question the mental health of people who choose to protest in such a bizarre way. Being naked on a bicycle certainly gets attention but it also attracts ridicule. Plus there is a question of decency, I've always believed that streakers at sports events should be punished more severely because there are children present and the same goes for political demonstrations. These sort of bizarre exhibitionists shouldn't be allowed to vulgarly expose themselves in such a public way.


These folks are from Berkeley, California.

Certainly not mainstream America.


If the "fabrication" was so enormous, why did the UN believe it? Remember Hans Blix?

Apparently the whole world was "fooled" by the "fabrications" you claim since they warranted UN nuclear weapons inspectors to visit Iraq.


I met a lot of people like these while at university. What usually happens is that they some day get real jobs, start paying taxes, have kids, the bills come flooding in and their views moderate. They grow up a bit.

Looking at this shower, the hawks in the Bush administration must be giving themselves high-fives!

If anything is going to act against the anti-war sentiment in the US, it is chimps like the one holding the "F*** Middle America" placard...


Andy, if only our MSM would plaster this stuff over the airwaves and let it speak for itself. I don't think so ;-)

Atheling I really don't believe discussing Iraq even with powerful evidence will help, not that I blame you. And not that I won't. But most in the UK and Europe proper have been conditioned by the media to simply believe it was bad. What is frustrating is they don't appear to wanna go to the sources on the ground there now, to understand, who the Iraqi people are; their relationship with America; their views of Saddam; and hopes for the future. Its as if Europe still believes we should pull out now which will be horribly inhumane and will only serve Europe and the Left's appetite for a very warped sense of justice.

People need to get over their judgments about the reasons for going in there 5 years ago. This is an ongoing history WMD or not.

Lets heal this inner resentment.

We are there to secure and help build a nation. Without us the consequences will be unconscionable. Our men and woman, the remainder of Coalition soldiers, and right now 350,000 Iraq military and security forces are there fighting evil - to be free from it. And we are winning. I will repeat: we are winning. What is taking place is an extremely honorable self-sacrificing effort for the good of humanity.


Steevo, you make a good point about moving foreward with Iraq, but there is something that scares the hell out of me.

Everyone seems to have forgotten the tons of WMDs the UN inspectors FOUND, inventoried for the UN-- chemical gasses, rockets with warheads for chemical and biological agents, components for nuclear reactors, etc etc etc-- and LEFT there to be destroyed later under UN auspices. THOSE are still missing, too.

I think it would be incumbent upon the people of the world to be just a little bit concerned about finding out what happened to them.

Jonathan Jones

StudentTory: "We all know that there isn't any evidence that Saddam sponsored terrorists."

On the contrary, there are very few well-informed people who dispute that Saddam sponsored terrorists. Specifically, he paid money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. For a quick summary of other examples, see here: http://www.cfr.org/publication/9513/

Jonathan Powell

Note the "F*** Middle America" sign? Contempt for the middle class is popular among the Leftist elitist who are Socialists.

I don't think this refers to the middle class so much as the area between the coasts, i.e. the Red states or "fly-over country" as it's sometimes called, where people tend to be more culturally conservative (or at least that's the stereotype).

I don't buy the argument that the Leftists are against the middle-class, people like John Edwards never stop talking about how the middle-class has it tough and the nasty Republicans are out to get them. Their proposed solutions--higher taxes, protectionism--are pretty stupid but it seems to me they go out of their way to suck up to the middle-class.


Jonathan Powell:

Your example makes no sense. You seem to think that "sucking up" (i.e. talk) about the middle class somehow excuses the contempt their "actions" convey for said class. Do you think that the Dems would actually SAY what that protester's sign does?

Let me ask you something:

Which party do you think those protesters would be inclined to vote for?

Jonathan Powell

You seem to think that "sucking up" (i.e. talk) about the middle class somehow excuses the contempt their "actions" convey for said class.

I'm not sure what "actions" you have in mind, but as far as I can see the Democrats pursue policies (such as taxing the rich) which are designed to appeal to middle-class voters, so I'm saying their actions and rhetoric are broadly consistent and do not imply contempt for the middle-class.

Do you think that the Dems would actually SAY what that protester's sign does?

I was making the point that, in my view, the sign is not referring to the middle-class as such but rather to the values of middle-America. It may be true that the Democrats show contempt for middle-America by supporting gay marriage and accepting evolution, say, but that means they're against rednecks, not the middle-class.

Which party do you think those protesters would be inclined to vote for?

I doubt those people would bother to vote for any party, but I agree they would be on the Left i.e. Democrat or Green. My point is there's no evidence their against the middle-class. Heck, most of those protesters probably ARE middle-class. It's the rich, corporate types they despise.


Jonathan, re: "Democrats pursue policies (such as taxing the rich) which are designed to appeal to middle-class voters,"

If that's what they think appeals to middle class voters, they're missing the mark by a huge margin.

Us middle-class voters already KNOW that when Democrats say "rich" they mean US. That's why we tend to be Republicans.

The rich, corporate types are the types the Democrat tax plans tend to PROTECT. Why? Because they're usually designed by super-wealthy politicians like Kennedy, Dodd, etc, who build in tax loopholes for themselves.

Did you know that, in spite of the Kennedy wealth, Ted Kennedy only pays taxes on his Senate salary? All of the Kennedy property is tax sheltered by tricks he's personally written and/or supported into the tax codes over the years.


Zombie also has some startling pictures of other groups like Sherry Glazer's "Breasts, Not Bombs." Of course, hers look like bombs. They broke into and stripped during a recent rally for Hillary. What a sight.

As for those who malign "Middle America", the "Red States" or "Fly-Over Country", it should be known that Louisiana, that bastion of Democrat corruption, has just elected a Republican governor, Bobby Jindal, the son of Indian immigrants. He's a superstar who garnered support from groups like, "Bubbas for Bobby."

Ed Morrissey and Hugh Hewitt wrote about it although the Dems and mainstream media are ignoring Bobby's victory. It must leave Hillary completely chuffed. Here's a link: http://www.captainsquartersblog.com/mt/archives/015165.php

The Democrats attempted a smear campaign against Bobby. Gee, you'd think he would be the kind of chap they would champion, no? Wrong. But we love him here in the South. This is the kind of thing that few know about my area.

Kevin Sampson

"but that means they're against rednecks, not the middle-class." - Jonathan Powell

What makes you think these are mutually exclusive?

Jonathan Powell


The way I see it both parties try to appeal to middle-class voters, and both have their fair share of corruption. I mean, the Republicans--especially the current administration--haven't exactly done much to close the loopholes you refer to, and have introduced plenty of corporate welfare to benefit their supporters. And as I recall John Kerry proposed ending certain loopholes which would have hurt the rich.

I may be true that the Republican policies are de facto better for the middle-class, but that just means the Dem's policies are misguided, not that their designed to screw the middle-class.

Kevin Sampson,

I didn't actually say they were mutually exclusive, but for what it's worth the Wikipedia entry says that:

Rednecks span from the poor to the working class.

Anyway, even if they overlap my point was that liberals don't despise the middle-class as such, but instead despise rednecks who might or might not be middle-class.

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