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What wiil the World do?


The US got its fingers burnt in Somalia and is scared of engagement in Africa. France is loathed and mistrusted (in much of Africa) with justification. Britain has the right skills and local knowledge - but is over-extended.

China is devious and complicit - but increasingly the only source of investment for most African countries. The US and Europe are not going to sacrifice lucrative trade with China, leverage with North Korea, weightier matters in Iran for something as strategically insignificant as Darfur.

The Arab nations have no desire to intervene positively in Darfur. (If you study the thousand year history of interraction between the Arab World and the Sudan, you will understand why).

South Africa has a competent military but is unwilling to commit. (Hell, it is unwilling to do ANYTHING constructive in Zimbabwe).

That leaves Nigeria, Nigeria is willing but stretched thin. Nigeria has troops in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Darfur. The Nigerian commander has 5,000 troops at his disposal but not nearly enough equipment or men to police such a vast area.

So I guess we will all watch another Rwanda occur (albeit in slow motion). We will make all the right noises (to clear our consciences). Sudan lost a million during its Civil War (an event that most in the West know nothing about). How different can this be?

George Clooney and Mia Farrow will remind us that Darfur exists - but with Iran, North Korea and Pakistan. It's tough luck for the Darfurians.

Hell, we've even forgotten about Burma!

In ten years time, all the major political figures from the West (and beyond), will be travelling to Darfur to apologize.

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