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I suppose Mr. Webb would also deride the American Indians for praying for rain and doing their little "raindance" as well...



The BBC is openly hostile towards Christianity, yet it bends over backwards to accomodate (even the more outrageous) manifestations of Islam.

I bet Webb would not dare to make fun of ANY Islamic prayer.


Uh... I would advise Mr. Webb not to do that when the Seminole Tribe of Florida prays for rain. They've never signed a peace treaty ;).

Tony Makara

If memory serves me correct didn't Sir Winston Churchill call for a day of prayer during the second world war? The BBC certainly does have an anti-Christian agenda and was all too quick to mock the moral majority in the 1980s and the religious right today.


Yes, Tony, Winston Churchill did call for a day of prayer; I think it was after the miracle of Dunkirk...

But then to people like Webb, Churchill would be considered "irrelevant".




LOL, Steevo, I am all astonishment!

Jon Gale

A prayer for rain is identical to a Stone Age rain-dance.

The only valid criticism here of the BBC is the charge that they wouldn't treat all faiths the same way.

It would be refreshing for a broadcaster to stop indulging in relativism, stop saying "all beliefs are equal" and only give respect to those faiths who can provide evidence to support their claims. Of course that still poses a problem for you lot....


So glad I stopped by today. Steevo and Maduka in agreement. Crikey!!

Evidently Christian prayer caused no harm. It rained!!! We need much, much more, though.

There is nothing amusing or admirable in ridiculing those of faith. The Beeb delights in gloating over any difficulty the US and its inhabitatants suffer. Katrina was a perfect example. Actually, the Beeb only needs for a whiff, sneeze or hiccup in the US to whip up their anti-American campaign. HYS is a perfect example.

PBUBeeb. And I don't mean 'peace'.


Spot on Maduka. I have no gripe with Muslims and I especially prefer a pious Muslim to an atheist Brit but...

The dimwits at the BBC get on my wick when they always refer to Mohammed as the Prophet (with a capital 'P'), often appended with (Peace be upon him) but Jesus is NEVER Lord Jesus Christ or 'our Saviour'. Double standards is alive and well.

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