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I recall an embarassing article about Algore's stingy donations in a tax year: less than $600.00 (that's right, the decimal place is correctly placed).

Liberals don't give much because they expect the government to take care of it. For them, it's better to tax people to death and let a bloated bureaucracy dole it out. Some conscience.


What are republicans waiting for?

The black vote is a low hanging fruit.

Blacks are socially conservative, they have been failed by Al, Jesse and the Democratic party. Why have republicans written them off?

No other group will suffer as much from illegal immigration as the black community. Al and Jesse know this - but their hands are tied.

Trevor Phillips (the head of an equality group) praised David Cameron for speaking responsibly about illegal immigration.

If only we had a David Cameron in the republican party!

Right now, all the republican candidates are trying to sing the same tune to the same audience - I'm the man, and I can prove it!

Yet Another Anon

Liberals don't give much because they expect the government to take care of it.
Liberals vary between those who give lots of money - such as Bill Gates who was one of a group of rich Americans who petitioned Congress to raise Income Tax rates and also has setup The Gates Foundation, and others such as for example Peter Sellers or Robert Maxwell both of whom were notoriously stingy.



Why can't blacks make the move themselves? They are Americans, they can initiate, can't they?

Why do they need "special" or "preferential" treatment by the Republicans or by any political party?


The way I see America, from the other side of the pond, is that it operates as a kind of technocracy ; no real boundaries exist between Democrats and Republicans, or blacks/ethnic groups and whites, or management and workforce etc. There seems to be a rough divide and resentment between those who 'fit' in and those who don't: criminals, drug addicts, unemployed, drop-outs, ghetto dwellers etc.

The African American does not need preferential treatment or positive discrimination, he is capable of flexing his own muscles.



Why can't blacks make the move themselves? They are Americans, they can initiate, can't they?

That is not the way politics works - anywhere. Supporters do not look for political parties - Political parties seek supporters.

The Republican party is not serious about the black vote. True, we have a few black republicans like Mehlman and LaShawn Barber. Common sense tells us that all ideas need to be sold.

If you don't sell it they won't buy it.

And you are NOT selling it.


I agree with you, African-Americans do not need preferential treatment. However, the African American community needs help.

Much of it is trapped in a viscious cycle of self-destruction.

It is not a Black problem it is an American problem. I don't care who provides the solution to the problem. As of present, Democrats have failed and Republicans are uninterested.


I see where you are coming from, Maduka, but the fact is that although the Republican party, per se, hasn't gone out of its way to convince Black voters that they're the right guys for them, it is the Republican party platform that SHOULD be attracting Black voters, given their social conservativism.

The problem as I see it is that the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons have all convinced the Black community that Republicans are racists and have somehow managed to successfully bury the fact that the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act were Republican bills that just happened to be signed by a Democrat president (Johnson). They've made certain that the Black community remember Johnson, but forgot the hundreds of Republicans in the House and Senate who forced the bills through a seriously divided Congress.

If Republicans were to come out now, at this point in time, and start claiming that THEY are the people Black voters should take another look at, how many in the Black community would even bother to listen?


Maduka, I see your point, but still...how do you suppose social conservatives grew so influential in the Republican party? They showed up, not just on election day, but in the ordinary workings of the republican party. Social conservative networks are used to support conservative--thence Republican--causes, and so on. The Republican Party didn't court us; we first had to get involved.

A question I've never had answered: why do we speak of a hispanic or black vote? Should we be trying to tailor issues specifically by racial or ethnic origin? It doesn't seem like something that strengthens civil society at all--rather the reverse. That is not a criticism--it is a genuine question.


Maduka, Joanna said it better than I did. You go into a party and make YOUR presence felt. You do not sit back and wait for someone in the party to come along and court your opinions.

Listen to what the candidates are saying and compare it to the things they've actually DONE. Compare it to what they said last week or last year (VERY important when talking about Hillary! That woman has taken every side of every issue in play, depending entirely on who her audience is!). Check their voting records if they've been in congress. Look for special projects that they worked on. See what the governors (and the mayor) who are running actually DID while they were in those offices.

Then go out and support the person who best represents your ideas.

Don't sit around waiting for someone to come to you, especially in the Republican party. Our entire POINT is that you are as good as anyone else... and no better. The Republican party is one of the most genuinely color-blind organizations in the US. It's that very color-blindness that gets us into so much trouble with race pimps like Sharpton... because we're NOT pimping to race or ethnicity. We present you with our ideas, and if you don't like them, don't vote for us.

As Joanna pointed out, we conservatives were NOT "courted" by the Republican party... we went to them and made our presence known.


In a perfect world we should not be talking about the "black or hispanic" vote, but things take time to change. Sometime in the future, the term "black vote" will be as meaningless as the term "italian vote".

But we live in the present.

What social conservatives did (courting the Republican party as opposed to the Republican party courting them) - is the exception rather than the rule.

(Clinton courted "soccer moms", Bush courted "security moms", he courted conservative blacks - that is how politics is done).

Political parties seek new constituencies or face slow death. Why can't the Republican party understand this?

If the Republican message is so wonderful, why is it being rejected by the majority of African Americans? Is it because:

1. African Americans are too dumb.
2. Al and Jesse are too powerful / influential (which is nonsense, Jesse has passed his sell by date and Al is a media creation, a charlatan).
3. Democrats have a better message.
4. It has not been sold.
5. Republicans could care less.


Let me add that social conservatives courted the Republicans because there was no other place to go. There were no options.

To say that there are no options to the Republican party for blacks is simply not true.

Frogg, USA

Yet Another Anon, I don't know if Bill Gates is liberal or not; but, it should be noted that his political contributions are pretty even:

"Political Campaign Contributions by Bill Gates (1999 to Present) - $193,908

In fact, most of his contributions were one or two thousand (or less)even to PAC's and other Organizations with the exception of $25,000 to a Republican organization.

I admire Gates' philanthropy greatly! No matter where his politics lean he is clearly a generous American.


In a perfect world we should not be talking about the "black or hispanic" vote, but things take time to change. Sometime in the future, the term "black vote" will be as meaningless as the term "italian vote".

But we live in the present.

No, Maduka, you live in the past. You're still hooked with racism. I'm not. As far as I'm concerned, the "black vote", the "asian vote", the "hispanic vote", or whatever, IS meaningless. It's about Americans voting, not racial groups.



Dream on.



"I have a dream..."


i've seen a few articles that reference this information, but i think that it's not as counter-intuitive as it may seem for the simple reason that liberal democrats don't tend to be nearly as church-going as conservative republicans.

we've all seen the guys in the sharp, shiny suits on tv asking everyone to send in more money to their church, and churches don't survive without clergy donations. also, churches require tons of volunteers and volunteer-hours. all of these donations can be written off as charitable donations, so it's no surprise to me that this data is skewed in this way.


as far as the black vote, i agree that blacks are socially conservative, but regardless of how you feel about government programs, blacks see value in the government providing services and taking steps to try and level the playing field for all americans.

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