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Exactly, Simon. But cases haven't been making it up as far as the Supreme Court. They get hung up in litigation in lower courts because there is no large organization like the ACLU backing up Christian rights.

Frogg, USA

Evolution is a "theory". There is much scientific evidence to support it; but; it is not scientifically proven to be a fact. It would be fair to say there is a scientific 'consensus'.

However, it has to be acknowledged that many pro evolution scientists also admit their bias. And, as new fields of science develope (especially on the cellular level) there have been many cracks into the evolution theory and conflict with Darwinian assumptions.

Assumptions from evolution theory are constantly being evaluated and adjusted as new research is done. For example recent research on African fossils showed two spieces of human ancesters lived at the same time (rather than one evolving from the other).

The problem seems to be that creationists want to add a competing theory to evolution in an inappropriate venue (science class) and evolutionists seem threatened if creationism or Intelligent design are taught that it might weaken our understanding of the theory of evolution.

I say....teach it all in the appropriate venues. Most of us have brains and critical thinking skills and can sort it all out (science from philosophy, facts from beliefs).

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