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"Aid expenditure must be doubled"

Why does nobody make the case for giving individual American citizens the choice of whether or not they wish to give more in foreign aid? If people believe donating large sums of money is a good thing then they don't need the government to do it for them. If they believe it's a bad thing then the government shouldn't do it.

Tony Makara

As ever Barack Obama gets by with wide sweeping statements that sound sensible but on closer examination are not as straightforward as first appear. I do not rate Obama. He is naive and seems to believe that throwing money at a problem will solve it and that foreign policy is merely a matter of good faith. He is big on big statements but small on the small print. Barack Obama is not on the same level as Edwards or Clinton.


Obama should be the first choice for us Conservatives. He showed great leadership and judgement in opposing Iraq (unlike myself). He is making all the right noises on the Middle East, Iran, Pakistan, terrorism and climate change. And, lastly as a bonus, a black President will do more to show the real face of modern America to the world, than any other candidate.


Obama is a junior senator with no experience.

He wants to throw more money away and give up national sovereignty to a worthless, corrupt United Nations.

No thank you.


He showed great leadership and judgement in opposing Iraq (unlike myself).

Given that Senator Obama was only elected to the Senate in 2004, his oft repeated cry that he never voted for the war in Iraq rings somewhat hollow. Of course he never voted for it. He never had the chance.


"And, lastly as a bonus, a black President will do more to show the real face of modern America to the world, than any other candidate."

Unless I'm mistaken I thought it was the Hispanics who were on the increase?

Tony Makara

Why does race have to come into this at all? In the 21st century we should be moving away from the idea of blacks voting for a black guy because he is black. Its ridiculous! Look a what the candidate stands for and his/her ability to be president. In Britain the Labour party believe that every black vote belongs to them, almost as if they own the black vote. Its time that race was factored out of elections and people started voting for the policy and the person putting it across.


I agree, Tony, the race factor shouldn't be a factor at all. Anyone who votes because of race is a racist, pure and simple.


Obama represents something new. He is not running as a black candidate (like Al and Jesse). He is running as an American candidate.

Most of Obama's support comes from white Americans.

What you might not have noticed is that both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are lukewarm to the prospects of an Obama candidancy. They feel comfortable with Hillary who represents the same old politics of pandering (on which their relevance rests).

Obama may not win the Democratic nomination, but that young man will break the stranglehold the "civil rights" industry has on black leadership.

He is important. He will pave the way for "conservative Obamas".


Tony, you make an excellent point. Politicians make the same mistake regarding women. They seem to think that a female candidate will get all of women's votes. Many of them are talking about how Hillary will get all the women's votes. But she won't have mine. I vote for who I think can run the country as I see fit, not for their gender. For politicians to assume such things shows how they often insult our intelligence. Didn't the Tory party make the claim that the reason they didn't win the election was because they didn't have a female candidate to get women's votes? I could have sworn I heard that somewhere. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.


James - (1) You don't have to be a Senator to have a view on Iraq, (2) there have been numerous votes related to Iraq (expenditure) since 2004.

Richard - perhaps you can tell us all which Hispanic candidate you have in mind?

Race should not be a factor. But it is. We live in the real world. Do you think an Arab Israeli can be elected PM of Israel, without race being a factor?

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