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Polls are polls are polls.

It looks like Huck has already peaked and going down. For 'reliable' polls (not from liberal sources) he's around a couple of percentage points ahead in Iowa. The more conservatives find out about him, the more doubt sinks in. I think even McCain looks better.


Thanks Dan,
fascinating preview. Interesting to hear more detail about the generally ignored-by-media Ron Paul and Bill Richardson, especially the media's perceptions of Richardson's chances becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy/verdict - despite ample qualifications.

S Baker

All I can say is who ever the GOP nominee is, they will get my vote. I will never vote for the DUMBOCRATS!

Mary Fernandez

Interesting analysis. Let me add two things which maybe only Americans have picked up about Biden and Dodd. (Stuff we all know and don't have to say outloud.)

Biden is a pompous ass.

Dodd stabbed his friend Joe Lieberman in the back and deserted his constituency (Connecticut) to move to Iowa for his Presidential run. He even enrolled his children in Iowa schools. (While an MP is not required to live in their contituency in Britain, Senators are in America. We are much more decentralized.) The Joe Lieberman bit could be written off as, "Politics ain't beanbags", but the abandoning of his own State while still their Senator leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth. It's bad a enough these jokers don't show up for work while they're campaigning, but moving out of your State for your own personal ambition is treacherous. Betraying another politician is rough. Betraying the people who voted for you is unforgivable.

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