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That picture is much too complimentary, most of the time the smile is so superficial anyone can see through it. Besides, her eyes are dark brown - those are Hillary-for-President contacts.

Umbrella man

This unilateralism charge needs to be tackled. Bush didn't act unilaterally. The world was divided on Iraq. On one side was France, Russia, China, Germany et al. On the other side was America, Britain, Spain, Italy, Australia etc. Bush and Powell worked hard to form a multilateral coalition. It just wasn't everyone.


problem with hillary is that she is so chameleon-like that you could probably come to a completely different set of talking points with all the different stands she has taken...

Tony Makara

I've never forgotten Hillary Clinton's fantastic claims of a right-wing conspiracy in the media to bring her husband down. Anyone who believes in conspiracy theories has impaired judgment. Its a sign of paranoia and as we know paranoid people tend to over-react to situations. Hillary has good abilities as a fighting candidate, no doubt about that, but I wonder whether she is politician who can only react to given situations with crafted responses rather than being a politician who can come up with the original and creative thinking that America and the world needs.

Simon Newman

"turning our backs on the search for peace in the Middle East"

If only.

Frogg, USA

Bill Clinton talked the talked; George W. Bush walked the walk. What would Hillary do? Hard to say; because nothing she says can be trusted and I am afraid she is not a person of strong conviction. In fact, most of her comments on foreign policy clearly show she suffers from BDS and not a clear plan of her own.

I don't think any of the Democrats would be good on foreign policy. But, if I had to live with one of them as President I would think Hillary would be much better than Obama or Edwards.


One of the worst possible outcomes for Conservatives. She beleives in only winning the Presidency, and has no set of convictions beyond that.

Malcolm Dunn

One thing that can be guaranteed is that the Clintons can always talk a good game. On the face of it her ideas seem more attractive than the others published so far, my problem is that I have little confidence that any of this would be enacted if Hilary attains office.
I agree with Timelord, for Hilary like her husband, winning is all that matters,what to do if/when she wins is secondary.


Unilateralism?!? She must have forgotten her statements from 4 or so years ago. Just in case anyone else has. here are clips from that speech - it's on YouTube

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