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Tony Makara

UK residents can listen to the Rush Limbaugh show online weekdays at 17:00 GMT on WTIC radio.



Clinton got just 3% here in 92, and of course went on to win the nomination and the presidency, so Broder appears correct.

"On the Republican side, those networks belong principally to conservative Christian groups, antiabortion organizations, home-school advocates "

Interesting that homeschooling is considered rightwing in America. In the UK a lot of liberal lefties advocate it :D

Tony Makara

Comstock, in the UK if a child is deemed to be 'school-phobic' they are put on a programme called 'Not School' in which they are educated at home. The left love this programme.


"Interesting that homeschooling is considered rightwing in America. In the UK a lot of liberal lefties advocate it :D"

That's because the Left here dominate the National Educational Association (ie government controlled schooling) and are in bed with the Democrats for how and what children are to be taught, and teachers paid. Home schoolers seek to be independent from this control over their kids. They also score higher on national standards testing, as, they actually learn.

Martin Wright

Still no coverage for Ron Paul. Instead they cover Fred thompson who is haveing negligible impact. Any one would think the media were afraid of Dr Paul. He will do a lot better than the media expects. Fourth is achievable and third is just possible.


Ron Paul got a brief mention on Newsnight tonight as someone who could surprise people when the Iowa results come in. Hopefully we'll be hearing a lot more about him tomorrow (and the next four years too!)

Ron Paul supporter

Ron Paul could beat Fred Thompson and Rudy Guiliani in Iowa. That would force the neo-cons at Fox News to include him in their debates and this site to cover him. The neo-cons are pressing their contacts in the media to ignore Paul. They really fear him and his grassroots supporters.


Ron Paul's campaign is the most consistent and has the best possible message for a country tettering on the brink of recession: cut public spending, cut debt and cut taxes. His belief in limited government, of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and pulls in the small government conservatives and libertarians, his opposition to the foreign adventurism appeals to military veterans as well as the left and centre - and it is no accident he polls extremely well amongst independents - and the Des Moines Register placed him on 11% - fourth - in its Wednesday poll this week - ahead of Thompson, just behind McCain - with Giuliani nowhere. Let's hope for a real surprise!


Good to see the aforementioned dragon-slayer Ron Paul storming to a seismic fifth place. With a result like that, there's nothing to stop him from reaching the White House now

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