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Andrew Ian Dodge: naturally, you do know that Iowa DID play (w.r.t. devoted campaign resources, appearances, cash spent) an important role in Giuliani's strategy, right?

"[Giuliani] made nearly as many campaign appearances there as McCain did--35 to McCain's 38. And Paul beat Giuliani so thoroughly with far fewer personal appearances--only 27.

In fact, if these judgments were made objectively based on appearance and cash, not just Giuliani partisans' excuses for his dismal showing, it might be Paul, and not Giuliani, who seemed to be barely trying in Iowa. Giuliani, in only the first 9 months of 2007, spent $237,000 in Iowa."

"In votes-per-appearance, Paul pulled 429.5 to Giuliani's 114.6. Only Huckabee beat Paul for votes per appearance."


Placing in double digits was a significant event for Ron Paul's campaign and for all that matters he is now a player--as acknowledged both by Wolf Blitzer in CNN analysis ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5UFKSPw550
) and Greta Van Susteren in FOX News' one ( http://www.youtube.com/v/Qi_XBgzHxQs ).

Further, significantly exceeding all the polls'-set expectations in an agricultural state (as the only free-marketer in the race--i.e. one who dared to actually campaign _against_ agricultural subsidies), and gathering the highest number of votes among Independents voting in Republican caucus (see: CNN entrance polls) demonstrates that Ron Paul is definitely going for a strong showing in NH, which will help in further solidifying the now established viability of his candidacy.

Go RP 08!

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