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Peter Wehner, until recently a key adviser to President Bush, thinks the intensity level for the Democrats should worry Republicans..... It was an enormous, even breathtaking, showing

I think this is very significant. This could be 'their' 1997. And I think if Barack wins the nomination I think he could get black and working class voters to turn out as well as taking some of the swing voters.

Ron Paul supporter

This is just a rehash of other websites' commentary. Yaawwwwnn!!!!


It doesn't pretend to be otherwise, RPs.



I think the MOST important thing about the results of the Iowa Caucus is that it was supposed to have been a "coronation" for Hillary. Now she actually has to FIGHT for the nomination, and there have to be many broken lamps and ashtrays in her hotel room from last night's results.

Joe James Broughton

I know very little about this, but am pretty certain of a few points.

Hilary Clinton will lose the Presidential Election if selected - although not by much.
She is not fresh, does not have a rapport, and will probably motivate an anti-vote.
Some of this may not be fair, but it's realistic.

Barack Obama probably would win the Presidential Election. He is more likely to be chosen than Clinton or Edwards, who is probably a good Democrat candidate but has missed his chance.


JJB... you are correct about the anti-vote. She is the first presidential candidate in history with a "won't vote for under ANY circumstances" rating in the 45-50% range.


My sentiments Mama with JJB's post about Hillary. He may not know much but is astute with her. On the other hand Edwards is the Learjet blowdried liberal I think its apparent many overseas don't know of on a more personal level, and with some just don't care. A 28,000 square foot home yet having a job with a hedge fund (to learn about poverty) and the $400 haircuts for starters. A diehard lefty with some absurd and destructive policy to finish it off. But really, does he look OK?


I think Obama will go on to final victory. The wind is blowing in his direction.

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