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The Huffington Post has written about how Clinton has sent a flyer to New Hampshire voters that misrepresents (or outright lies) about Obama's strong voting record in favour of a woman's right to choose. Clinton is going to be all about negative campaigning from here on in.


Obama's chances are a bit oversold at the moment. Politics is very much a "What have you done for me lately" endeavour, I guess. Hilary is still the favourite for the Democratic nomiation in my book. We'll get a better view of the situation once the larger, more representative, polls get going.

Frogg, USA

The poll showing Obama with a 10 point lead is not consistent with several other polls taken during the same time showing a much tighter race (there are two polls showing Clinton ahead of Obama). RCP average of polls gives Obama a 3.4% lead.

But, Independents can vote in either primary. And, it appears they are flocking to the Dem primary in larger numbers this year.

In 2000 McCain was favored to win by 5% and won by 14% (probably due to the hidden Independent support). The same thing could happen in NH this time. My guess is that it favors Obama also. I only say that because there seems to be a small surge Obama's way. But, it is simply hard to say.


Acropolis Review has an interesting question about Al Gore's role in the whole process.


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