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I came to the conclusion long ago that NOTHING that happens during a Clinton campaign (either Clinton!) happens except by design. This was probably focus-grouped and found to garner a certain degree of sympathy from the "touchy-feely" crowd that is currently flocking around Obama.

But I agree that anyone who claims to be tough enough for what is undeniably one of the most difficult jobs in the world who cries because of a campaign problem... what is that person going to do when she finds out that Putin isn't playing ball? Or that Musharraf doesn't want to cooperate? Or that Muslim extremeists don't want to deal with a woman at all?

And for that matter, I've also been intrigued by the fact that Obama is a FORMER Muslim... or at least had some Muslim training when he was young.

That makes him an apostate. How is he planning to deal with an extremist nation like Saudi Arabia, where apostates are beheaded?


But Obama is for *change*... don't you think they understand?


There are some interesting predictions at Acropolis Review. It will be interesting to see how Mark Penn does in the coming days.


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