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Somebody should tell Kerry not to kick a man while he's down.

He also talks about Breaking the mold [sic]. Now who was the last politician to claim that and what was the result?


Tony Makara

John Kerry was upstaged many times by John Edwards during the last election. I certainly felt as if Kerry was too passive to ever be able to fight to win. So its no surprise that Kerry now wants to back the most airy of the candidates. As they say in America Obama's rhetoric about change isn't worth a bucket of spit without the polices to bring that change about.

Peter Coe

This is how Washington Post's The Fix column reported it - which amused me:

One former Kerry adviser, granted anonymity to speak about the endorsement before it became public, said that the Massachusetts senator has a "really, really great" organization in South Carolina that should help Obama in the state's Jan. 26 primary. (It's worth noting, however, that Kerry lost the South Carolina primary in 2004 by 15 points.)

Malcolm Dunn

Yup Peter Coe, not sure if Kerry endorsing Obama will do the latter any favours at all. Kerry's reputation has gne significantly downhill since 2004.


Kerry is endorsing Obama to slap at the Clintons who gave him luke warm support in the last election. The Clintons certainly didn't want Kerry to win a possible eight year term as it would have severely put a crimp in Hillary's schedule to become POTUS.

From what I heard yesterday, the Clintons expected Kerry to endorse either Edwards or Obama, but the one that really made them angry was Richardson who lent his support to no one.


A lot of people fail to realize that Kerry is not well-liked even among Democrats and that this is not much of an endorsement.

Late night comedians are having a field day with this.

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