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Tony Makara

The top German paper Die Welt is currently debating John McCain if anyone knows German ind fancies joining in?


Tony Makara

Unfortunately race seems to be casting a shadow over this race, although Mrs Clinton has a Jewish grandmother or great-grandmother or something! Anyhow I dare not think what could happen on the streets if some maniac were to attempt to shoot Obama. I suppose when race becomes a factor there is always a danger of something like that happening. Its a worry though.

Richard Carey

I've not been a close observer, but McCain has probably been my favoured Republican in this race, and the emphasis on the moderate aspects of his platform above have made me warm to him further.

However, I'm pretty sure it's not enough to shift me away from Obama when the remainder of the GOP get into gear and have to make their mind up.... Will McCain heed Hawkins, or stick to his path?


How is:

a solid pro-life voting record

at odds with

his previously stated opposition to overturning Roe v. Wade ("I would not support repeal of Roe v. Wade." --John McCain, 1999)


David Boothroyd

John McCain's policy on immigration is in fact some distance from "amnesty", although the rival campaigns have tried to pin that label on him. He sponsored the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 which allows those present in the US for more than five years to apply for citizenship which would be granted if they paid back taxes and a fine. An 'amnesty' is where something is granted for free.


The Clintons are one of the best political knife fighters. They hit hard and they bring a lot of friends into the fight.

American politics is like a football game. Fast and hard hitting. Just wait until the negative ads start hitting the airwaves. Good times.

I don't think McCain will make it. Too many bad blood between him and conservatives.

Anyway I am a Fred supporter. He is a true conservatives.


Here is the facts. Last year John McCain supported amnesty legislation bill to illegal aliens. It was defeated by Republicans conservatives and with some help from Democrats. He lost a lot of support and money from conservatives. He fired his entire campaign staff.

Illegal aliens are illegals. They got into the country illegally. They broke US laws and granting them free pass is unacceptable to many Americans. This is not about paying taxes because they already doing it in the first place. We have have no problem with people coming into our countries legally. It is all about maintaining the rule of law.

Frogg, USA

McCain faces payback from old GOP foes


John McCain and the GOP


Brad cohen

This is a bit odd-would GOP members rather see Obama or Hillary in the White House? McCain may not be pure-enough conservative as they'd like, but they'd at least have more common positions with him than with the Dems. Would they rather be pure losers or moderate winners? Do they think gun control and personal rivalries are more important to the US' future than the war on terror?


McCain is all for Shamnisty! I lived in AZ for 4 yrs and I am glad to get out. I will only vote for him if he is the Republican candidate. I am voting today in Michigans primary and MITT is my man! He has been the only one that cares about Michigan. The rest of the country worships JAPANESE auto makers!


For me I rather lose then sell my soul to the devil to win.

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