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Frogg, USA

If Democrats feared McCain the most, then why do they mostly "praise" McCain and mostly "launch attacks" at Romney?

I think Democrats mostly think they can "manipulate" and "use" McCain to their advantage (and for their agenda) than any other candidate.


Exactly Frogg. Most conservatives in talk radio, tv and the blogs know this. If McCain becomes the nominee, the lib media and Dem party faithful will eat him up and inflame his thin-skinned hell we all know exists. Front and center.


Look at the polls! McCain can win. Romney can't. The Dems aren't attacking him because he's a good man!

Jonathan Powell

The Democrats are too busy attacking each other to bother attacking the Republicans! Rightly or wrongly, they think the Democratic candidate is going to win in November whoever the Republicans nominate.


Romney can win, and can get us out of the spending spiral we have been in since the 1970s! McCain stinks, and he is no conservative. He certainly is a RHINO!


gingeral, re: "Look at the polls! McCain can win. Romney can't. The Dems aren't attacking him because he's a good man!"

You mean those same polls that said Obama was WAY ahead in New Hampshire?

McCain is being set up for a fall. There is no doubt about this. Don't EVER forget the ABC News poll in the late '90s that told us that 87% of the major correspondents and editors of the critical Washington/New York/Los Angeles news media were Democrats who voted for Clinton twice.

They WANT McCain to be the Republican nominee because they are sure that he can be beaten... and they are going to do everything they can to help it along. McCain is the one candidate who can NOT motivate the all-important conservative base of the Republican Party. He is the one candidate who can ensure that conservative Republicans stay home in November.

And they WILL turn on McCain if he becomes the Republican nominee. Period.

Douglas Cootey

Judging by what I have read here over the past few months I can see that Tim isn't a big Romney fan. However, I found a few of his proofs that McCain is the man a bit laughable. Sylvester Stalone endorsed him? Most Americans laughed at that endorsement. Celebrity endorsements in general haven't meant much during this election year.

As for Romney not calling Huckabee, I can't really say if that is bad form or not. The contest isn't over yet. However, I wonder if McCain and Huckabee called Romney when he won the Wyoming and Nevada primaries. Whether he did or not, or they did or not, nobody cares. The only endorsement that has seemed to matter to anybody has been Kennedy's endorsement today, which was seen as a betrayal of the Clintons. This hullabaloo about Romney not calling Huckabee is simply Huckabee campaigning to be part of the McCain-Huckabee ticket, IMO. Sounds like sour grapes.

Polls today show that McCain and Romney are neck and neck, and McCain is taking a lot of heat for his involvement with Jerry Perenchio and Juan Hernandez and their pro-illegal immigrant stances, lobbying, and fund raising. Check out http://michellemalkin.com. She's frothing at the mouth over it.

From what I'm reading, most diehard conservatives are upset with McCain and see a problem with the MSM pushing McCain as front runner when Romney has the most delegates. And diehard liberals are leaning towards Obama as the NOT-Clinton candidate. This horse race is far from over.

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