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Tony Makara

I am the only person who worries that a McCain/Cameron special alliance could take us back to the days of Bush/Blair, particularly if McCain decides on an adventure over Iran. Don't get me wrong, I want to see David Cameron as prime minister, but I get the feeling that if McCain becomes president there are people at the top of the Conservative party hierarchy who would be too close to McCain. This could lead to a compliant Britain. Does anyone else see this as a cause for concern?

Ron Paul supporter

David Frum's new book demonstrates that he is a big, government, high tax, liberal imperialist. It is time for traditional conservatives to reclaim the GOP from Frum and the ex-Dems who make up the neo-con cabal who hijacked the party.

Mark McClelland

No. My worry is they will not be close enough.

Ron Paul supporter

The neo-cons will back McCain because he shares their liberal interventionist agenda. McCain's campaign is full of Henry Jackson Society patrons. He was the neo-cons insurance policy in case Guiliani failed. Guiliani screwed up spectacularly so his neo-con team will move to Plan B and join their cronies in the McCain campaign. They need a Presidential candidate who is willing support an attack on Iran and McCain will do nicely.

jesse  anderson

Why would any one not think that the Iran's are part of the problem with thier behind the door dealing around the world. It one thing's to want to help the world but to want to kill all the Jew's is way out of my head, and to think that there will not be a war, they have kill a lot of people's in just the last 10s year, the sooner we deal with then, the better the insight on what can happen in this world.

Tony Makara

"They need a Presidential candidate who is willing support an attack on Iran and McCain will do nicely"

Ron Paul supporter, you would think that McCain, as a man with a military background, would understand the level of military commitment needed to overthrow the Iranian regime. That would have to be the policy if punitive air strikes failed to have an effect on Iran. I cannot see Iran being a nation who would be intimidated by air strikes alone. There are real dangers here. What about Russia? The Russians have sold various weapons systems to Iran for the last fifteen years or so, they are not going to welcome any US led aggression against Iran. China too has supplied Iran with silkworm missiles and would be hostile to American designs on Iran also. Any aggression by the United States could even bring Russia and China closer together, the two nations have already held exploratory military manoeuvres together. Does McCain realise the global implications of pursuing an aggressive anti-Iranian policy?


Like most conservative I don't like McCain.

If the US or Israel launch an air strike it is not to intimidate Iran. The air strike is to destroy their capacity to create nuclear weapons (including the scientists) and to kill Iran's leadership.


Hmm...I've always considered myself in the category of very conservative, and I'm a strong supporter of John McCain. He actually has a high conservative rating--83 or so. He's someone who stands up for what he believes, has a far better record on pro-life issues than Romney, and has demonstrated good judgement--not just right opinions--on military/foreign policy issues. I definitely fall on Frum's side there.

What I fail to understand is how conservatives manage to support Romney.


There are reasons why conservatives do not like McCain.

If you actually study McCain record he is a liberal. He made a lot of conservatives enemies over the years with his liberal agendas.


That doesn't answer the question about Romney. Unlike McCain, he's on the record as having been decidedly liberal in Massachusetts; now he wants to be seen as the perfect social and business conservative. At least McCain has he virtues of sincerety and integrity--and, thereby, predictability. Certainly I have some major issues with McCain--his stand on climate change, for example, and, yes, the McCain-Feingold bill. But compared to Romney he's a saint.


Who said conservatives like Romney. I sure didn't. You like McCain because to you he is a moderate to liberal. I as a conservatives don't like him for the same reason. He will not have my vote.


jdun... exactly. I don't particularly like Romney, but I'll vote for him. If I have to choose between Hillary and McCain, if I vote for McCain at all, I'll have to hold my nose. I may choose NOT to vote if it comes to that.

I don't like him for the same reasons you don't. He is moderate to liberal. He is proud of his record as a "bipartisan".

So far, I've NEVER voted for something called a "bipartisan". I expect the ideas I believe in to be represented in Washington, not traded away in exchange for "go along to get along".



You are not reading very carefully...but then I often don't either. I am not just conservative, but very conservative, on just about every type--social, business, national security conservative. My top issue, other than abortion, is the war in Iraq--which explains much of why I like McCain--not the fact that he is far too liberal on a lot of measures.

Besides, I happen to hold an extremely old-fashioned view on the presidency: I want to respect the man I vote for. I voted for Bush in 2004 because I respected his character and his willingness to do what he said. Romney is the antithesis of that--far more like Clinton in his willingness to say whatever is necessary to win him an election. And I think this may be what hurt conservatives most these last few years: requiring our candidates to hold to strict ideological standards, without also ensuring that they were men and women of good moral character.


Joanna, Romney is so much better than McCain. I want a president that is not on his death bed, not one who decries Mitt for actually having a Job for the last 25 yrs, not one that tried to jam an illegal immigrant bill down the throats of Americans. I lived in AZ and he was the most pathetic worm I have seen in a long time. I am an Active duty US Army officer and I think that he is nuts!

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