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Andrew Ian Dodge

Well that is pretty much all you need to know. The Archbishop of Canterbury is a certifiable nitwit and so are the people of Iowa. A close viewing of the Iowa debates will tell you that. They are insular, ignorant and naive. I would trust the people of New Hampshire far more than the voters of Iowa.

Jimmy Mc

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Tony Makara

As someone who loves American politics I'm pleased to see so much attention given to developments. Personally I see Edwards as being the most statesmanlike of the democratic contenders, he seems to me the most level-headed. If Obama gets the nomination it will cost the democrats the presidency. He is all hype and hyperbole, I don't rate him at all. Republican's should be hoping for Obama to triumph.

Mary Fernandez

Oh Tony Makara,

Edwards hasn't a snowball's chance. Obama has a better chance in the general election than the Bret Girl. America was never much into socialism and it is even less into it now. The Edwards' message resonates (as mainstream) only in Europe.

Mary Fernandez

2nd comment to Tony Makara -

I just wanted to add this.

I think Obama would be more formidable than Hillary. Even Democrats hate her. Obama doesn't have her baggage but does have the ideal (a black president) that everyone would like to see.

To Americans, Edwards is an ambulance-chaser. He is like our Cherie Blair - making huge amounts of money off lawyer friendly laws. There is nothing statesmanlike about him.

Martin Wright

I hope some one is going to get round to Ron Paul - no mention in Dan Hamilton's piece of 28 December nor here.

Ron Paul is closest in spirit to the founding fathers: small government, low taxes, individual liberty (eroded so badly by both parties) and almost isolationist, certainly against the Iraq war. He even had the temerity to attack Abraham Lincoln's record on civil liberties (for suspending habeas corpus)! He loathes the neo-cons.

Ron Paul is the dark horse in this race and will do far better than any pundits admit. He has appeal across the board, being able to appeal to Democrats in the same way that Reagan did.

If Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination (and it's not as crazy an idea as most of you think) remember you first read it here.

Andrew Ian Dodge

Yes Ron Paul a great man who has been endorsed by Stormfront and had a notorious isolationist and borderline anti-semite write the prologue in his book.

Martin Wright

Andrew Ian Dodge

That's just smear tactics. Ron Paul has the neo cons rattled. No doubt there are some unpleasant people supporting the other candidates. You can't even produce a full-on ogre but only a half ogre ("borderline anti semite"). By using "borderline" you mean there is no hard evidence. About as convincing as Red Ken's smears of "racist" against Boris Johnston. It proves nothing.

What matters are his policies. As I said his are the most libertarian of any of the candidates in either party. Should he be ashamed of going back to the founding fathers? No. Should he be castigated for wanting to dismantle what has recently been dubbed the "warfare-welfare economy"? No

Ron Paul is attracting huge support among young people and reaching out to Democrats. He has nearly matched Hilary Clinton in the 4th quarter donations, but has done so by getting a huge number of small donations over the internet. Do you think all those young volunteers would be supporting Ron Paul if they thought he was a fascist? The fact is that he is the complete opposite.


Who would have thought this time last year that Ron Paul would raise over $25 million?With over $6 million being donated in one 24 hour period. I can't wait for Ron Paul to continue confounding expectations. If only we had someone of his stature in Britain. He is that rarest of creatures - a politician who simply says what he believes in even when he knows it isn't what his audience wants to hear. Go Ron!



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