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Tony Makara

Obama comes across as being a knee jerk big-fix politician. His comments on Pakistan are naive to say the least. If this man were to become president you can bet that president Putin for one would take the opportunity to test the water with Obama, as Russian leaders are oft prone to do. I wouldn't feel safe with Obama as president.


Obama would be brilliant for the UK and Europe...I dont think he knows how to use the real political power america has (the extent to which UK and european decision making is heavily influenced by america) - Bush strengthened this position - Hillary is smart enough and experienced enough to put her own people in place to continue it - but Obama isnt, which gives Europe time enough to regain superpower status and end the American century. What exciting times.

John Ionides

Well, after reading this I get the impression I have just been very heavily spinned at.

The Bush Jnr foreign policy has been scarred by heavy political infighting (which, IMHO, is the greatest single contributing factor to the mess that emerged in Iraq). Policy is important, but so is the ability to deliver that policy and if Obama is capable of putting together a team that is willing to pull together (and that is one thing that his campaign seems to be singularly good at) then that is much more important than the details of policy at this point.

Adam in London

Obama is lucky that Joe Biden wasn't at the New Hampshire debate. He would have torn him apart on Pakistan.

You do not combat the threat of nuclear terrorism by launching a pre-emptive strike into the territory of an unstable nuclear power without it's approval. That is basically asking for the Pakistani government to fall, and hand bin Laden his best opportunity for getting his hands on the material for a nuclear weapon.

John Ionides

I take it you were strongly against Iraq for the same reasons then Adam.

The problem with the Pakistan situation is that pretty much any set line can be attacked. Want Pakistan to try to resolve its own problems? You are just sitting back a watching a nuclear state falls into the arms of radical Islam. Want to go in hard? You are just forcing a nuclear state into the arms of radical Islam. The place is a mess and if the situation is resolved it will be by quiet pragmatic measures that it would be almost impossible to articulate on the campaign trail.

I can't believe that Biden doesn't realise this which is why I think he is up to making mischief rather than actually making a serious point in pushing this angle.


Makes sense to me. Either the bad guys are coming after the US or they are not. If you have intelligence showing that they are, then a responsible President would act, whether Pakistan would be affronted or not.

Patsy Sergeant

I think that whatever else Barack Obama is, he is very young to be a US president, he does not have much political experience, I fear that he might come under the influence of someone like Rumfeld or some other 'fixed opinion' politician. I don't think that being honest and straightforward, which Obama comes across as, is necessarily of any help in having to manage a job of such vast influence and complication as President of the US.

Tony Makara

The primary is being carried by C-Span at midnight UK time if anyone is up to watch it.



I agree with Obama that pre-emptive military action is not per se illegal or imprudent. The problem with Iraq is that the reasons for invading were spurious. If Iraq really had been planning an imminent attack on the US with WMDs, a pre-emptive strike would have been justified. I think Obama would agree with that.

As far as "experience" goes, there is no set of experiences that could possibly prepare a person adequately for the awesome responsibility of President of the USA. So you have to look for qualities--intelligence, flexibility, judgment and moral courage. Obama has shown all of these qualities, particularly in his decision to publicly oppose the invasion of Iraq when the vast majority of the US approved it.


Politico, send me your sense of humor if those exciting times do come to pass ;)

Simon Chapman

The New Statesman's cover piece for this week lays into Obama with a Clinton-esque ferocity:


Sage Robinson

Simply put,

1.) Barack Obama is not an African-American in the sense that we REAL African-Americans are.
2.) He has no connection to the legacy of slavery in America. He also has a "Blue-blooded" White-American mother (who I'm sure made it clear to him that he is not "one of them"; meaning those blacks connected to the history of slavery in America. So why would someone consider him the hope and the dream of the slaves. I'm sure they wouldn't want just any person of color to be considered the fullfillment of their dreams.
3.) He's deceptive. He's using the facade of being African-American to get the black vote.
4.) Lately during my readings, I've noticed that most people in America think that he comes from a poor background, which is ridiculously far from the truth.
5.) Finally, he does not have enough experience, and he's doesn't have enough personal power, yet, to fight the republicans which is a definite for any Democrat that's elected.


to Sage: You are right Barack was not raised by people who have slavery as their legacy, but make no mistake about it, He IS AND AFRICAN AMERICAN. And we do, here in America, view him as one of our own. You see, in America it doesn't matter how you are raised, life will show up and slap you back to reality. The reason why he has been able to rise above, is because he doesn't have the mental and spiritual baggage that has been passed down from generation to generation. But he knows how America treats people of color because he has been the recipient of it -- and still is.
As far as experience, see talleyrand's post. He is NOT deceptive, he's the real deal. His mom was NOT a blue-blood, Hillary is a blue blood. His mom nor grand parents did not have that kind of clout, that's why his grandfather had to go into the military to afford college. Lastly, we African American's are NOT idiots - I resent the implication. Nor are we easily fooled. Alan Keyes did not get our vote. Clarence Thomas is not in our favor, and I could list more. Now the people who DO NOT deserve our support are people like: Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the Congressional Black Caucus, ex mayor of Denver Wellington Webb, Congressman Lewis of Atlanta, Bob Johnson, Magic Johnson, etc, etc, etc.

Doug Koehler

Obama's montra is "CHANGE", I would like to know what he plans on changing and more important...how?

Doug (OKC)

Obama Fan

Congratulations to Barack Obama on winning the Presidency of the United States of America! I believe that he will do his best to improve this country which we all love.

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USA has always been in the eye of the terrorists is a problem that will make it hard to fix. Meanwhile must have security at airports and in their cities!


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