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Tony Makara

There is a great deal of supposition and fanciful conjecture in Romney's stance. Romney seems convinced that Iran are pushing full steam ahead with an agenda to develop nuclear weaponry, in spite of evidence to the contrary, he also believes that breaking Iraq up would lead to new states inviting take-over! Does Romney really believe that the tribal instincts so strong in Iraq today would hungrily welcome such usurpation?


Tony a lot of fanciful supposition on your part. A lot of people believe Iran is going for nukes. Find a more in depth analysis of the recent report you'll be surprised what the pop media leaves out, and do some outside of the report too, there's a load of info with a lot of credible folks there. I mean if you think Iran doesn't want the bomb sooner or later I think you're extremely presumptuous; and to believe those of us who don't trust them for beans are fanciful is fanciful. And its like you put an opposite spin on his not believing breaking up Iraq is for the best. I gotta laugh a bit, I'd say you're the one not trusting tribal instincts like they won't make it unless they do break up. Anyway this is the same story with you, you don't know what's going on. There is remarkable reconciliation taking place. Even on Christmas with a Christian holiday. Do some research (fat chance) ;) or at least show some credible facts for the moment and we could have a New Years discussion well for me later on in the day.

Tony Makara

Steevo, have you volunteered for auxiliary work out in Iraq yet? You seem so keen to push the occupation of Iraq as an agenda, I would have thought you would be only too keen to go over there and support the troops?

On Iran, we have to separate fact from fancy. Its an unsavoury regime, I agree, but are you suggesting that western powers should invade and occupy Iran because some people 'believe' they are 'thinking about' developing nuclear weapons. Then say Iran is occupied, what then? Can you impose a western style political system on a nation that doesn't want it? Actions have after effects, as the Jewish sages say "Before you start something, always thing where it might end"


It figures, for Iraq I've responded in this forum continuously with facts contrary to yourself. A reality you can't hand. You've wanted disaster. Hey, like a number of your fellow Brits, success involving American foreign policy is a threat to you personally. You build on BBC-like quotes and a superior-minded simplicity void of facts. You're quick with name-calling and have no clue beyond your own bubble. And this your latest example by deluding yourself twisting Romney's assertion into a discredit to the Iraqi people when in fact its your discredit.

An "unsavoury" regime LOL. They've been in the process of building the reactors which satellite photos confirm. They want them and nobody can tell them otherwise, they've already stated that.

Romney: "And while the United Nations has stood impotent in the face of genocide in Sudan and has been unable to address Iran's rush to build dangerous nuclear capabilities, we have done little more than tweak international alliances and antiquated institutions."

You're paranoid, presumptive, make false claims, and grossly naive.

Neil McGowan

Well, "Steevo", you try finding anyone in Britain who is supportive of your Iraq War - apart from Gutless Gordon, the unelected bootlicker currently leading the country because he knew he'd lose an election on his abysmal record.

>> You're paranoid, presumptive, make false claims, and grossly naive. <<

Your absurd, empty, ad hominem attacks merely highlight the emptiness of your arguments in favour of the bloodthirsty military fiasco you and your neocon PNAC chums losing.


Well Neil this is the Iraqi people who want us there. Who are supportive. Go home. Get over it. Its not yours to want failure anymore. Find another cause.

"bloodthirsty military fiasco you and your neocon PNAC chums losing."

Oh geese how will you survive if success is firmly established?


Let's cool it please guys.

S Baker

"Steevo, have you volunteered for auxiliary work out in Iraq yet?"

Steevo, doesn't need to go. I am an active duty US Army Officer; my brothers and sisters have it well in hand, but thanks for volunteering to send someone else!

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