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Malcolm Dunn

Can't see much difference between this and McCain.All candidates appear to agree with the need for a bigger military so I assume this will happen which is a good thing.
I hope if he is elected that there is more to Gulianis foreign policy than this hyperbole and that he will conduct diplomacy with more skill than the current administration.
Sadly there is little detail in any of the candidates ideas. What does 'victory' in Iraq or Afghanistan mean?

Moral minority

This is the platform for permanent confrontation and military intervention. Guiliani is a threat to world peace. His unprepared speech in London was an insult to Lady Thatcher.


for interest's sake, please can you do a profile of Ron Paul's world view? I can't see it would do any harm


He looks good on foreign policy. A sound understanding of the threat of Islamofascism unlike any of the Democrats including say-anything Hillary, and many Europeans. He's not a fool for dhiminitude, multicultural sensitivities and corrupt meaningless "global institutions". He knows if we don't take it to them they WILL take it to us. He is no fool and doesn't take our freedom for granted.

I assume he will largely continue our effective surge strategy for continued progress in Iraq although by the time Bush leaves office it may be largely under Iraqi security control. This New Years celebration in Baghdad was a wonderfully exciting place to be.

Three former Thatcher aids join his team... well that looks good, because Lady Thatcher was good back in the day.

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