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Tony Makara

I've heard some pretty impressive stuff from Romney over the last few days, particularly his concerns over trade dependency with China. Very interesting that Romney has used the economy to score points over McCain.

C-SPAN as ever will be offering great coverage from 01:00 GMT


Matthew Robinson

Giuliani has thrown away a great chance to be President. I like Giuliani and felt a few months ago that he was the only candidate that could stop the either Hilary or Obama, but it seems that waiting for florida has been a momumental error. And i can't see him as a possible VP pick for McCain or Romney.


Exit polls are saying: McCain 34.3 percent, Romney 32.6 percent, Giuliani 15.3 percent, Huckabee 12 percent.


" If Romney wins there is every chance that no GOP candidate will command a majority of delegates at the end of this race."

The obvious question being...what happens then?


Aren't only half the Florida delegates allowed to vote as punishment for moving the primary forward? Not as bad as the Democrats who banned all the delegates from voting!

Ron Paul supporter

Ghouliani has screwed up big time and is finished. Despite all the support and big donations from the neo-cons in the AEI, Weekly Standard and the Fox News empire, Benito has crashed and burned. American was never going to vote another warmongering neo-con and torture apologist as President.


John McCain wins all 57 delegates from Florida - Democratic candidates get none. A very disappointing 15% of the vote for Giuliani. The rumour is that Giuliani will endorse McCain Wednesday morning - whether this rumour is being stimulated by the McCain camp to put pressure on Giuliani or whether the Mayor's team are advising him to pull out is not clear. Giuliani should fight on - show the strength that has characterized his political career to date, Americans need to see a leader in spirit not just in results. The race for the Democratic nomination is still wide open - whoever you support this is a very exciting Presidential race!


LFR, for the first time I'm actually relieved that the RNC got ticked off at Florida for holding such an early primary. We will have 57 delegates for McCain to the Republican National Convention instead of our normal 114.

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