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It's not racial. Obama set himself up as a follower of Reagan. You don't screw with Reagan legacy in the South. Conservative Democrat's will will not vote for any candidate that talk bad about Reagan. Bill Clinton lets his ego got out of hand and the result is a landslid in South Carolina.

Obama will probably gets most of the Southern States but Hilary will win the Democrat nomination because of California and the Western states.

It doesn't matter what color you are you will find a Church every two block in the South. Most southerns goes to Church at least once a week especially African Americans.

Tony Makara

It is so unfortunate that voting is being channeled along racial lines. This tidal wave of black votes for Obama worries me because I fear what could happen if some manic tried to assassinate Obama. I blame the media for playing the race card over Obama, the 'black candidate equals change' agenda is actually damaging America and putting racism in the ballot box.

Malcolm Dunn

If you're right Tim and I suspect you probably are the person running Guiliani's campaign should be shot.
I would hope though that if Guiliani is beaten in Florida and then withdraws he will still be offered a senior position (VP ?) by McCain.


Tony I don't think its such a bad thing but not really a good thing, the Democratic party and its traditional constituencies have to be shaken up. The fact is a lot of blacks are voting for Obama because he is black. This is a problem but its one having to do with trust and emotional appeal. It also shows many are not sheep following the traditional black representatives who've all but sold their power to the party apparatus which is what Clinton represents. Unfortunately Obama talks a good appeal but he's also socialist, in agreement with entrenched party policy.

You may have a point if he was assassinated.


I hope Giuliani is crushed in Florida. He is the sort of individual who should be kept as far away from the levers of power as possible.

Fortunately he won't be offered the VP slot by McCain either, as McCain has trouble appealing to evangelicals, and Giuliani would only make this problem even worse.


I am not sure what polling you are refering to, but the Rasmussen poll I looked at said Romeny was ahead. I can't stand McCain!


"I would hope though that if Guiliani is beaten in Florida and then withdraws he will still be offered a senior position (VP ?) by McCain."

A McCain/Guiliani ticket is about the only thing that could stop Obama if he gets the nomination, IMHO.

Good to see him doing so well in this primary, although I am far from convinced he is a socialist in any sense I would recognise.


With the numbers that Obama is putting on the board, and in order not to lose the black vote, Hillary will have to choose Obama as VP. To not do so would make a lot of blacks angry. Angry enough to stay home, and that would spell disaster for the Clinton's desire for a third term. It will be an interesting ticket. Clinton/Clinton/Obama

Joanna Wood


A McCain/Giuliani ticket would be a disaster. Not only is Giuliani not accustomed to taking second place--a decidedly bad trait in a VP, but the Republican side of the electorate has to vote for McCain too, if it's an Obama ticket. If it were a Clinton ticket, it wouldn't be so bad--conservatives hate Clinton worse than they dislike McCain--but Obama is just young and idealistic enough that Republicans who don't like McCain will be tempted to stay home. _That_ is the constituency McCain needs to appeal to in his VP. Huckabee would actually be a great choice. He's personable, he has a gift for framing a debate, and he appeals to evangelicals. All of these will be an immense asset on the campaign trail, and he won't be a disruptive influence at the White House afterwards:).

Frogg, USA

The last three polls out have Romney ahead of McCain in florida, Real Clear Politics averages of the latest polls has Romney slightly ahead of McCain, Rasmussen released poll today with Romney 6 pints ahead of Mccain (polltaken after Mel Martinez endoresemnt; but, before Gov Crist endorsement of McCain).

Latest Rasmussen poll today also has Romney tied nationally with McCain.

Polls can be wrong, and the situation is fluid; but, it looks like the movement is in Romney's favor (not McCain's).

Anything can happen Tuesday. If McCain wins Florida it is good for him. If Romney wins Florida it will change everything.


As an outsider to American politics, I'm struggling to understand what Mitt Romney's about. Does anyone know what he believes? All clues gratefully received...


The endorsement from Gov. Crist doesn't hold much weight here in Florida. The man is a rather bland presence here in Tallahassee, neither liked nor disliked.

Gov. Jeb Bush, however, has a grassroots organization pushing to get Romney nominated, and that may be responsible for Romney's recent poll gains... as well as Thompson supporters switching to Romney.

Jeb hasn't come out and publically endorsed Romney... he never endorses primary candidates... but it is widely known that he is behind the grassroots support for Romney. And Jeb was an EXTREMELY popular governor.

We'll see tomorrow. I'll be going out and casting my ballot for Romney.

Douglas Cootey

Tim, McCain hasn't sealed anything. For all we know, Giuliani can emerge as the victor. Polls can be wrong. As far as polls go, however, McCain has not edged forward. Romney has, as Frogg has pointed out. And as Mamapajamas pointed out, that endorsement by Crist hasn't made any ripples. McCain is now taking heat for comments he said over the weekend that twisted Romney's words. It was called a low blow by most commentators. And talk radio guys are pointing out that McCain has flip flopped as much as any of them. He's also taking heat for his wishy washy stance on Mexican illegals (one blogger refers to him as Juan McCain), especially since bloggers have dug up dirt on two people connected with his campaign, one with links to a Soros funded group. Ain't politics entertaining?

powellite, Romney's big attraction is that he is a successful businessman running for office during an economic downturn. He, and Giuliani, btw, both are considered the fiscally sound candidates. Romney has also been strong on the Iraq issue, despite the spinning McCain has done on the subject over the weekend. What Romney has over Giuliani is that he governed an entire state and turned its economy around. The black marks against him are three that I know of. 1) He's a Mormon (the 300 lb. gorilla in the room) 2) He was supportive of abortion when running for office in Mass. (this is the issue that has hurt him most and earned him the first appellation of flip flopper in this election cycle) 3) He hasn't been as strong for the Second Amendment (gun ownership rights) as many conservatives would like him to be.

I'm surprised, frankly, that the Mormon issue hasn't come up again on election night because Gordon B. Hinckley, the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Romney's church) , died Sunday evening. Romney's speech on faith really put that issue to bed for most conservatives.

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