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Tony Makara

Just like to remind everyone that C-SPAN will be providing comprehensive coverage from 01:00am GMT.



Birmingham University seem to be doing a running commentaery of the evening!

Their students so they can stay up all night anyway!!


there address is




Like in the UK Conservative Party, McCain is looking like dragging back the Republicans into sensible poitics. If James Dobson, a leader of American evangelicals, is against him then he is the right man for me! If one of the others win then roll on a Democrat win...


For what my view is worth about McCain on this side the Atlantic, I share James Dobson’s disappointment that the Republican Party seems poised to select a nominee who did not support a Constitutional amendment to protect the institution of marriage, voted for embryonic stem cell research to kill nascent human beings plus the rest of James Dobson’s list of reasons for disquiet. If McCain does get the nomination, I would hope he at least will appoint Huckabee as running mate to retain at least some level of credibility among those who value life and family.

I thought McCain is conservative on abortion but on very little else. But I suppose he’d be better than either of the Democratic frontrunners. As for Obama doing well – even, incredibly I think among some more conservative voters? – would this be another case of charisma and personality winning rather than right policy?

Gordon's Missing Bottle

Although I agree with Obama on very little indeed, I think he's right for America right now. The country's defining characteristics are optimism and courage and can-do tenacity, and whenever those die it requires a candidate who can revive them. Someone to sell the American Dream back to the American people. Sometimes it's someone from the left (FDR), sometimes from the right (Reagan).

I'd like to imagine there's a Republican candidate who can embody this, but there evidently isn't. There's a reason everybody wants to invoke Ronald Reagan. Their vision is to look back 28 years and go, "like that." But what set Reagan apart, what sets Obama apart, is the courage and foresight to go, "like this."

I like McCain, but he's 8 years late and the religious fringe is at the height of its powers after two terms of Bush. If Obama stumbles, he'll have a lucky escape and will have time to pull it around in office, but I don't see it, myself. The pendulum's swinging, and faster for being so far over to the Christian right. At least with Obama, America may gets its sense of confidence and hope back, and that's no small thing -- for the economy, for the face America shows the world and for its own social cohesion.


Gordon, a socialist is NEVER going to be "right for America"... and that's what Obama is.

Eddie Heath

Will you guys stick to writing about BRITISH POLITICS. You clearly do not understand American politics. The polls are all over the place with Romney surging in other states, especially amongst conservatives -- where he enjoys 60% support.

Frogg, USA

Super Tuesday:

9 states

7 states

5 states

Total States to date:

Huckabee - 6
Romney - 11
McCain - 12

No wonder McCain was worried about Romney. But, it is all about delegates at the end of the day. Parties in individual states decide how to portion their delegates. The NE states were set up originally as "winner take all" to help Giuliani win the nomination. McCain was lucky to benefit from it. Most states divide them in proportion of votes.

Huckabee carried the Bible belt; McCain carried the typical blue liberal dem states that aren’t going to vote for him in November anyway; and Romney carried a hodge podge from everywhere but the south.

Romney will do a crunch count and decide whether to stay in or not based on the possibility of overtaking McCain. I don't know the full delegate count yet; but it seems like it would be difficult to do.

Hillary and Obama will be fighting it out probably until their convention.

Ben Stevenson

I think the delegate count is:
John McCain: 575
Mitt Romney: 250
Mike Huckabee: 160
Ron Paul: 16
1,191 delegates are needed for a win.

On the Democrats, Hillary Clinton has 740, and Barack Obama has 659 - with 2025 being the target.

Malcolm Dunn

I understand only about half the votes in California have been counted (it's 11.45 am in London). Does anyone know when the counting will be completed?


Hey Gordon's Missing Bottle what is with this GEM? "and the religious fringe is at the height of its powers after two terms of Bush." Did you know Obama belngs to a racist black church that continually talks about the "man." Notwithstanding the fact that the minister of the church believes that Louis Faharrkahn (racist black leader of the nation of Islam)is a noble person.

keylogger for Mac

my Tuesday is terrible

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