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Tony Makara

Sam, have you seen the legendary Rush Limbaugh around? If so try and get him to do a piece for ConHome, Rush has got a lot of fans here in the UK and I'm one of them, even though I often don't agree 100% with what he says. It just shows how Rush Limbaugh can connect with people. After today's events I'm hoping for a McCain/Romney ticket, I like the fact that Romney can see further ahead than others, I like politicians who think one generation ahead.


McCain will not get my vote unless Romney is on the ticket. I still think McCain needs a punch to the throat!

John Reeks

Romney? Are you guys insane? If you really think that a Mormon who continually changes his stances on near-about anything is an appealing candidate for veep, then, well, quite frankly I don't understand the state of conservatism in America. I could understand where you were coming from if you said Mike Huckabee, who is at least consistent, and seems like a good guy if nothing else. Romney? Seriously? What is his appeal? On those issues that social conservatives might find appealing in him he has simply changed his mind to suit the audience. Ugh. Romney is a dirty word.

Frogg, USA

I don't think there is gonna be a McCain/Romney ticket although it would be a good one.

McCain's primary wins were predominately in the Democrat stronghold states that aren't going to give him any electoral votes in the General election anyway. He'll need someone who can bring out the vote in either flyover country (south and heartland); or someone who can turn a blue state red. He'll pick a conservative (that leaves Huckabee out, also). And, he'll pick someone much younger.


I predict McCain will opt for either Senator Brownback of Kansas or Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota as his running mate. The reasoning for this is that both are much younger than McCain, both have endorsed his campaign from an early stage and both will reassure conservative voters.

Adam in London

Romney's main appeal seemed to be that he wasn't John McCain, and his victories won by massively outspending his rivals (with his own money). Putting him on the ticket doesn't make a lot of sense, except insofar as he is the strongest candidate on the economy.

Pawlenty's a possibility, as he's been part of McCain's campaign from the beginning, but I'm not sure that he's that appealing to the conservative base, or that he can deliver Minnesota in November.

McCain ought to pick a reassuring conservative Governor. That means one of:
Sonny Purdue (Georgia)
Mike Huckabee (Arkansas)
Charlie Crist (Florida)
Rick Perry (Texas)
Mark Sanford (South Carolina)
Haley Barbour (Mississippi)

A McCain cabinet could be fun:
Attorney-General: Fred Thompson
Homeland Security: Rudy Giuliani
Treasury: Mitt Romney


John Reeks here is why:

Romney number 1 graduate from BYU
Romney top 5% Harvard Business School
Romney I trust

McCain bitter, petty old man
McCain doesn't know Cadillac is made by GM an American Company!
McCain supported Illegal Alien Shamnisty
McCain was thinking about jumping ship to join John Kerry!
McCain could be the Manchurian Candidate! 8-)
McCain was part of the Keetting 5, savings and loan scandal!
Did I say he was old and petty?


This hardcore fiscal conservative would not vote for McCain even if his vice president was God himself. Unless he promised to smite me or something.


Adam in London, Purdue would be good. I'm in Georgia and I can say that Purdue has been a great governor.

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