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Andrew Ian Dodge

Peter, the only trouble is that evangelicals prejudice against the Mormons means they are going to deliver the nomination for McCain. Their support for Huckabee is hurting the "conservative" cause. Of course, we shall see if they see sense tomorrow on Super Tuesday.

Good piece however; and the incompetent reporting on this American cycle in the UK is pretty pathetic.

true outsider

indeed a lot in it good piece it's improtnat t note there's a big diffence betwen the politics-how to win and the substance though obviously the two interrelate long term. I think one can be sympathetic in both cases- even if you don't want to ban abortion say the religou right might reduce the UK limit to the early 20's , or allow religous schools state funding like we have in the UK.

also i think one shouldn't state fiscal conservatism as the GOP's no 1 woe- iraq! iraq!

Ben Stevenson

What evidence do you have that evangelicals in the USA don't support Mitt Romney primarily because of his Mormonism?

In Iowa, Romney came second amongst evangelical voters.
In Michigan, Romney beat and all other Republican candidates (including Huckabee), amongst white evangelicals.
In Florida, Romney, Huckabee and McCain shared the evangelical vote pretty evenly.


Yes, Ben Stevenson, and evangelicals have plenty of reasons to worry about Romney--especially his too convenient flip-flops on the issues evangelicals care most about--without touching his Mormonism. I really doubt it's much of an issue in this particular race.


Hey Joanna,

flip flops? I think you need to do some more research. I too had reservations about Mitt, then I started to do more research, Mitt is my Man, no Shamnesty McCain! You should do some research yourself, you will be surprised by what really happened.

Mark McClelland

You Mitt fans need to get a reality check. Obama and Hillary would crush him in November - it would be a total massacre. He would probably only carry Massachusetts and Utah. I agree with Joanna, his Mormonism is the least of their worries for many evangelicals. Mitt certainly didn't become governor on a God, Guns and Gays agenda! I am completely baffled by conservative hostility to McCain. I consider myself very conservative, and am really excited about the possibility of a McCain presidency. This election is going to be crucial for the future direction of the Supreme Court - perhaps more so than for many decades. McCain is quite simply the only person in the United States who is capable of stopping a Democrat landslide in November. To put control of the White House and Supreme Court in jeopardy over relatively minor disagreements on immigration, campaign finance and climate change is just insane. There are certain issues on which I would not compromise on just for the sake of electability, but these are definitely not them. I'm afraid all you Mitt fans need to wake up and smell the coffee, because this year it's McCain or bust for the Republican party. If you don't see it as that stark, you haven't been looking at the same polls I have!


McCain is the only person that can stop Democrat landslide. Give me a break.

What is the popular rating for the US Democrat control congress? Less then 15%? Hillary will win the Democrat nomination and no one wants another Clinton in the White House.

Andrew Ian Dodge

There has been polling among evangelicals and they listed Mormons as religion of a President just above an atheist. Then there were the adverts in SC against Romney.

Ben Stevenson

I am sure many evangelicals (me included) might vote for an evangelical over a Mormon, IF they had identical records and identical views on important political issues.
However, exit polls show that large numbers of evangelicals are voting for Mitt Romney. Some prominent evangelicals have endorsed Romney, eg. Wayne Grudem.

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