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Tony Sharp

The results clearly show that Hillary is decidedly unpopular on the centre right. I am staggered (and pleased) that Mitt Romney scores so low. John McCain is not perfect but at least you know where you stand with him.

Nick Locke

I really don't understand how so many Tories could support Barack Obama, who is considerably farther to the left than Hillary Clinton. As an American conservative, I know Hillary is moderate compared to Obama, who would be a staunch trade unionist in Britain.

Adam Smith

Why is it that Brits don't like Mitt Romney? He is so British. He's related to the famous painter, has a street named Romney in Westminster, and would be an ideal Tory member of the Lords. I see him now: "Lord Romney of Belmont."

Tony Hannon

Proof that Tories need to be kept out at the next election.

I look at US politics and am thankful that British Tories have, at the very least, some integrity.


McCain Stinks! Enough said!


Hey Tony, I disagree with you 180%. Romney is not well liked because he is a mormom. There is no other explanation, his father comes from humble origins and was a business success. Romney graduates number 1 in his class at BYU. In the top 5% at Harvard business school. Is a sucessful father with one wife and no offspring on welfare. As opposed to muslims who have more than one wife are now authorized full benefits in the UK. ALL I CAN SAY IS YOU GUYS ARE DOOMED!


Ron beats McCain in Maine:

Tony Makara

Mitt Romney is the only candidate who has shown an understanding of the economic threat that China poses for world markets.

Malcolm Dunn

I'm one of the many British Conservatives who hopes for a McCain victory but if a Democrat has to win Obama at least appears to have ideals rather than Hillary who will say anything to get elected.

Eddie Heath

Tim Montgomerie is anti-Romney because he's Mormon. I've heard him say so.

Free Marketeer

Ron Paul is the only candidate who grasps the scale of the economic problems facing the US, in terms of debt, the dollar, and the cost of entitlement programmes.


I went for Romney. 13% for Huckabee, Romney, and Paul combined? This suggests to me that lots of people don't know these candidates well. Those are like third world election statistics.

Meanwhile, I went for Obama because I don't like Hilary Clinton. I expect Obama relies heavily on an anti-Clinton vote in this poll.


Yeah, and Adolf understood the need for lebensraum too...both are kooks!

Malcolm Dunn

A few weeks ago I predicted that the turnout in the primaries would be derisory.It seems I will be wrong.
I think we in Britain have much to learn from the American system of primaries for choosing candidates and getting people involved in party politics.
I also think it helps when the candidates themselves campaign without the deep cynicism that currently afflicts British politics. Whatever your political views McCain, Huckabee,Paul and Obama can take credit for the way the've behaved.

Ben Stevenson

pro_usa1776: "Romney is not well liked because he is a mormom. There is no other explanation"

No other possible explanation? Is it not possible that people don't support Romney because they don't trust him after he has changed his views on many subjects?

On abortion

On gun control

David Parker

Fair enough Malcolm, popular interest in politics is a very good thing. But what worries me is the financial aspect of campaigning in American politics,right from the earliest stages.
Even on the first rung of the ladder, the successful candidates are already carrying quite a lot of political baggage, in the form of pleasing those who have contributed to financing their campaigns.


Okay Ben, so what has McCain done? Reversed himself on Immigration from an open borders guy to not talking about it now until he gets elected? Ads I have said before Romney, number 1 in his university graduating class (McCain - if he wasn't last he was close to being last from the Naval Academy) Romney was in the top 5% of the harvard business school, McCain I served in the government because of patriotism and not profit! What a putz! McCain is a sinister old man that deserves a throat punch!

Conservative Homer

the republicans still talk the talk, they just dont walk the walk. As the past eight years have shown. I like the fiscal responsibility and personal freedoms they talk of, but it seems to be just hot air unfortunatly.

I could never support a Party which had Ted Kennedy in its ranks anyway, so its republican for me.

Ben Stevenson

I didn't say I supported John McCain, although I would be happy with McCain/Huckabee.
I was just saying I don't think Mormonism is Romney's biggest problem.

Eddie Heath

Primaries are not a good system. This is a party process, and only party members should control who will be their candidate in November. I favour conventions and party ballots.



I lived in AZ and witnessed McCains pettiness. He said that anyone who did not support "comprehensive immigration reform" was a racist. Well, I am an Immigrant to the US and I find that totally offensive because I did not come illegally nor have I ever tried to use government programs. I believe in America and I do not like McCain. Mitt is my man!

Buckinghamshire Tory

Fair enough, McCain have changed his position on immigration. Now he wants to secure the borders first, then have some sort of immigration reform.
However, that is nothing compared to the way Mitt Romney have changed positions.

When he ran for Governor in Massachusets he wanted abortion to be "safe and legal" (his own words), he supported gun-controll and he said that he was an independent during the Reagan-presidency. "I don't want a return to Reagan/Bush", that were his words. He even agreed to McCains immigration-reform, saying it was "reasonable".

Then he decided to run for the presidency, as a social conservative. Now he is deeply pro-life, views gun-controll as "unconstitutional" and presents himself as the new Ronald Reagan. He also attacks McCain for his immigration-bill, which he supported at the time.
Mitt Romney changes political colour according to his audience. When he campaigned in Michigan he promised federal subsidies for the struggling car-industry in the state.
Previously he had been a dedicated free-marketeer.
On most of the important subjects in American politics, he has been on both sides of the argument at one point or another.

Mitt Romney is a skilled businessman, but that does not neccesarily make him a great statesman. Just look at Silvio Berlusconi.


It seems incredible that UK Tories would support Obama (if one had to choose between Hillary and Obama – of course one would prefer neither), who is, according to this evening’s thread here, the most liberal of America’s 100 senators (that alone would be alarming enough), and that’s not liberal in the classical understanding of the term. He's a big state interventionist, opposed to the war on terror. If this is the case, he would certainly not be ‘conservative’ and more importantly would be bad news for the free world. That 61% of UK Tories would support him is incredible. Another case of charisma and personality winning rather than right policy? Look where that got us in the UK in 1997.

Michael Rutherford

I think the reason why British Tories oppose Romney is nothing to do with him being a mormon. I can't imagine many people are bothered.

But British Conservatives are no where near as right wing as the Republican base. McCain is definitely not seen as a liberal and rightly so. Romney has changed his opinions on most issues, seems to be merely trying to echo the members as opposed to providing some sort of vision for America and is, in my opinion, a nutcase politically.

I'd probably support Clinton ahead of Romney and I really can't stand Clinton.

Eddie Heath

Romney never promised subsidies in Michigan.

Tories should stick to writing about Tories.

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